40% off Patent Muse

  1. YSL boutique called me several times about their 40% pre-sale but didn't have the chance to visit them except yest.!

    I took the chance of pre-sale & got myself another muse :graucho:(my first one is an oversized Violet):

  2. Very nice! What color is it?
  3. Great deal your bag is beautiful!
  4. pretty!! how much was it?
  5. Scrumptious :drool:
  6. Redheadedbeauty: Camel, don't know what YSL call it !

    Shoptfs: around US 662/-
  7. That's great price! Congrats of a good deal!
  8. good deal for 662!
  9. That is a great price for such a beautiful bag :heart:
  10. Cool!!! I wish my boutique has that kinda deal too~
  11. What size is it?
  12. Great deal congrats!
  13. That's a great deal!!! The color is gorgeous by the way!!! Congrats!!
  14. Thank you ladies !!! yes it is a great deal :biggrin:.. I was bit surprised that not all the colors are on-sale.

    Ihasalover: the size is small/medium.
  15. i just got the large biscotto patent Muse--and it is GORGEOUS--it goes with everything and is the perfect size for a girl on the go...The color gives it a funky retro look but I love that the color of the almost crinkly patent gives it an unexpected take on the patent trend...way better than your average black!!