40% off Past/Present Toki's - Japanese Site

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  1. OMG! I was searching for my Zucca when I chance upon this Japanese site.


    They have all the past prints and 40% to top it off! Problem is, even with a web translater, I don't know how to go about buying them.

    Cost before shipping is around USD168!!!!! Oh, anyone knows how to go about the site?
  2. And that's the ONE and ONLY Citta Rosa Zucca left ....

  3. Yeah, that store has quite a few sought-after items... It's insane how expensive tokidoki is in Japan, waaay more than Hawaii! They also don't ship to the U.S. so you'd have to ship it somewhere else and then have it shipped to you. I don't know how much that website charges for shipping, but I know shipping things directly from Japan is kind of expensive... Whenever my relatives ship us food and stuff in a box that's about the size of 6 shoeboxes, it costs about $100.
  4. I know shipping prices can be insane but why won't they ship to the US? I mean, I am sure many toki lovers will pay a decent amount of shipping to get prints which are no longer available here. Of course, if I have to shell out another 100 bucks just for shipping, that's out of the question. I can only look at the bags and dream on ....
  5. I don't know why... I asked my dad to get my mom to read the page to find out exactly how to order and how much shipping is and all that, but he didn't get back to me. :tdown: He's probably like, "MORE tokidoki bags? DELETE this e-mail." *lol* I'm sure it wouldn't be $100 to ship a bag. It was $100 to ship a box full of heavy foods. Granted the box was small but it was heavy, maybe 15-20 pounds? I'm not very good with estimating stuff like that.
  6. Thanks for the effort maya_exquisite. :yes: I think I'd better hop on to bed now and just dream of my Citta Rosa Zucca amazingly landing on my feet in the morning. Ha!

    Been surfing for them bags for hours, time for some cell renewal.
  7. thats the webby i got my foresta zucca from...prices are still relatively cheaper as compared to my local prices..but shipping from Japan to Singapore is a killer!! esp when they pack it in such a big box...shipping was around USD40+
  8. pinkpeony: i wanted to PM you but i think you're account isn't setup to..?
    anyway, there are still TWO Citta Rosa Zuccas in the store here... and they're having a sale - they're 30% off ;)
    Costs before shipping is slightly higher - approx USD 180
    (Toki's very expensive in Asia apparently!)
    Something for you to mull over...?
  9. Wow! That is sooooo tempting!
  10. hmm, maybe if they still have them in a month, i can have them sent to my hotel in tokyo :graucho: do they have lesportsac outlets in japan? i know there are several stores in tokyo and that they are more expensive than the US, but I was hoping *MAYBE* I could find some deals SOMEWHERE!
  11. Thanks for the info! I am trying to get one through a pal who has two Citta Rosa Zucca .. am bugging her to sell one off to me! :graucho:
  12. Pinkpeony : Good luck in gettting the Citta Rosa Zucca off your friend ! I will keep my fingers crossed for you !
  13. the discount is very tempting but the shipping cost via vpost is making me think twice.. paying USD40 for shipping.. is it really worth it?
  14. seems that the final price is still cheaper den the retail price for zucca here! arghhhh damn the mark up!
  15. i wouldnt be surprise if the price is markup further in June! because of the toopid 7% GST thingy.... :tdown:
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