40% off paddingtons IN STORE at BG NYC...

  1. The Bergdorf Goodman in NYC had some Chloe Paddingtons on sale for 40% off. The had the original satchels for $929 in bright orange (not whisky, but orange) and an interesting bright green. Kinda odd colors, but maybe someone is looking for one of these colors...?;)

    They had the dome paddy (with the big lock) in what looked like Or to me, or washed metallic bronze. Which killed me because I paid full price for my Or satchel a couple of months ago.:tdown:
  2. thanks! I think someone here said they liked the green paddy on Diabro. Was it this color? [​IMG]

  3. This was on the webpage. Which Chloe do you think this bag looks like?
  4. Yes, that's it!
  5. I bought this one! Yes, this is the green I was telling you about! It's not a lime IRL, but a really gorgeous, delicious, apple green. Not garish at all! I also bought the "tangerine" color and gave my "orange" one (which is a lighter, softer orange) to my daughter. The "tangerine" is stunning! I first bought the "tangerine" in the long wallet, fell in love with the color and then got the medium paddy in it. (This is all going on, on Diabro.net, so I didn't pay that wonderful price you saw, but I love it all anyway!:nuts: Yes...I'm crazy!
  6. If you are crazy then I am right there behind you beanie! Those colors do sound scrumptious.
  7. Beanie I just looked at your orange Paddy. What a fun color. I've always wanted an orange purse and have been on the hunt for what seems like years.

    I'll never forget seeing a D&G on NM's sale page seasons ago. It was similar to your orange, very vibrant. By the time I reacted it was gone.

    I'd get your Paddy but the tradtional Paddy doesn't work with my body type (darn it). So I'm getting the Epice Bay. BTW do you own that color? If so what do you think?
  8. "Epice" looks like a lovely red to me...with slightly orange undertones...GORGEOUS! If they made the paddy in this, I'd HAVE to buy it! ;) (And I have red in three bags of paddy styles..the large red from '05 (travel size) paddy, 20x10!! And two red mediums, '05 and '06!!! Lots of red wallets too...:nuts::nuts::nuts: I'm not even mentioning the grenats (I have two in grenat: a large US Shopper paddy '06 and a medium paddy '06, and one garnet (darker burgandy) medium paddy....:graucho:) Oh, this IS sick! LOL

  9. Okay we know about your Paddy love:heart::tup: did you ever venture into other styles i.e. Tracy? Betty? The new Bays? I know your list is around here someplace but I can't look right now? If you have any Bays do you carry them and what which ones do you prefer the most. TIA!!

  10. I just came from Bergdorf and they still have 2 green paddys left. Those were the only Chloes I saw.
  11. Thanks...which colour green? the new bright green as on diabro.net?
  12. Sorry for the slow response Mona but NYC shopping is incredible now with sales everywhere. This one was pretty light. The pictures above look exactly like it.