40% off on handbags - Nordstrom

  1. Hey guys I was just at Nordstrom at the Grove today and decided to browse their handbag selections. They are having a 40% off on handbags right now...from Chloe to Jimmy Choo to Miu Miu...:yahoo:I didn't get anything though (on a handbag ban right now :s)...good luck, hope you guys find something special.
  2. Thx for the info! By chance did you know what kind of Jimmy Choos they had? Also were there any MJ bags? TIA
  3. any clue on which mbmj bags they had?

    i am looking for the patent black utility satchel.
  4. I saw a black mahala and MJ stam - hope this helps
  5. I would also would like to know what kind of jimmy choos they had and at what pricing?? thanks!