40% off Gustto at Summerblu!

  1. Code THURSDAY, valid today only..those of you who have been wanting to find a Gustto at a great price..they have some nice ones, 40% off...
    Fast shipping and great service, I've bought from them several times before...:yahoo:
  2. Unfortunately, they only have the large Baca bags and they others are not on my list...but thanks so much for posting this great buy.
  3. this is such a great deal!

    they don't have any black bags though :sad:
  4. ^ they do have a black Solba. This is a great deal.. i'm seriously sooo tempted!
  5. I woulda loved a black Baca... darn it!
  6. What's up! I ordered for the first time from summerblu on the 5th and still no shipment. My account says it is still in process, I have e-mailed and called 2 times and no reply!!! There website says it will ship no later than 48 hours after order is placed, it's been a week!!! :cursing: Is this sight okay???
  7. ^ I had ordered jeans from them before, and it came in a timely manner. Nothing wrong w/ the site, but I would call them b/c it is possible they may be out of stock and that's why it's taking so long?
  8. Oh, my...well that would certainly raise a red flag. I've never heard anything bad about them, however I've never placed an order either. Sure hope that you get it cleared up soon.
  9. I've ordered from them and I received my items in two days. Keep trying to call them and see what's up with your items!
  10. I ordered a Gustto Setela during the 40% off sale. Placed my order on Thursday at around 10pm EDT, got the USPS tracking # on Sunday, and the bag arrived yesterday.

    I'd definitely give them a call if you haven't heard anything from them.
  11. Man, I am sooo frusterated, I call and no one ever answers, just a machine! No replys to my emails yet.... still waiting!!! Thanks for helping gals!​