40% off everything at www.thefashionboutique.net

  1. Save 40% off everything including sale items at The Fashion Boutique.net - Designer Fashions - Hand Bags | Hype | Christiana now through 31 October. They sell lower price bags such as Tano, Aaneta, Besso, Hype, Charm&Luck, and more...good deals since XMAS is almost on us...I just bought 3 bags... Use code WOW in the "redeem coupon" section just before you check out...
  2. do they provide good service? do the bags come in good condition? explain your experience with them
  3. at the risk of sounding like a *****
    I'm underwhelmed and it's another icky cousin to shopsuey
  4. Thank you :smile: I just decided I needed some cuff jewelry, since I'm a criminal justice girlie.
  5. at the risk of sounding like a *****
    I'm underwhelmed and it's another icky cousin to shopsuey

    Well, at least you're honest - my position is if you don't like the offerings or are "underwhelmed", don't shop it. But you don't have to say ugly things - it's just a small website operated by a small business owner trying to make a living, that's how I see it. The site and brands aren't for everyone, but I happen to like it a lot. There are very reasonably priced bags for those who don't want to spend $500+ for a handbag. I've bought from there 3 times, always great service and receive my purchases within 3-4 days - shipped via USPS priority mail. Never had a problem, always receive what I ordered, and the owner is easy to deal with - if you want something or have questions, she responds to you within hours.

  6. I'm with DiamondGirl - it may not cater to your tastes, but DiamondGirl has gone out of her way to post some incredible deals off of many sites that have helped tPF members immensely. Myself included. Thanks for your efforts DG!!! They don't go unnoticed or unappreciated! :flowers:
  7. Thanks for the post. I'll check them out. I like all kinds of bags - some really expensive and some cheaper but, cute. I get compliments on all of my handbags.
  8. I'm not really one for designer inspired bags, but I love some of the independent designers that are on the site (non designer inspired bags like the tano hobo bag and Charm and Luck and not the "budget/inspired" link). Thanks for the info.
  9. have you guys checked out tylie malibu? they sell the bags at Nordstroms, bloomingdales, kitson, etc. i know someone that can get a discount off of wholesale. Welcome to Tylie Malibu Online! i own a few and they're AWESOME!!!
  10. Thanks DG for the post. Just because they don't have the snob appeal, doesn't mean they don't have great stuff. I hate to say it, but right now my favorite bag came from target. That is until I get my paddy.:smile:
  11. Thanks DiamondGirl1 ! :heart:

    I have never seen this site before, they have some interesting stuff - I'm going to bookmark it, it will come in handy as the holidays approach!
  12. I'm with you on that, E...I am totally in love with Charm & Luck these days and I have had a black Tano hobo for years (more than 10!) that is one of my all-time favs!!!
  13. I really like Charm and Luck, but have been hesitant to buy a bag because of all the "bling"...I like the Manhattan bag in black but wonder if the crystals and studs will make it out of style shortly...do you have any of their bags and what's your experience been? Thanks..