40% Off Dior at NM and Saks

  1. I was reading in the Deals and Steals thread, and they said that NM is having their Private Shopping Night Tomorrow, and Saks is having the same thing.:nuts: Some of the ladies called their SA and they said that Dior, even handbags, are going to be up to 40% off!!!:yahoo: And you can presell! So, I'm going to call my SA tomorrow, and you should too! Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. Oh, and the day after they have first call, for those who can't make it to the Shopping Night.
  2. anyone know what bags will be in the sale?
  3. which ones? OMGGGGGG.. thanks alot for posting this, I am hyperventilating here!!!!!!
  4. Is it 40% off? My SA told me dior only 30%...but it's good news then! yayyyy
  5. my sa sent me pics of 5-6 dior bags that are on sale for 30% off at Neimans. alot of detective bags on sale and some other ones I never seen before.
  6. Is this just in US , or worldwide?:smile:
  7. I would love to know what line is going on sale!!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae:

  8. could u plz post pics?:girlsigh::tender:
  9. su,
    as far as i know, Saks accepts orders from international customers, BUT will only ship within the US. NM accepts international customers & will ship worldwide, but you've got to ring them up.
  10. Thanks for that info!:p
    im going to dior store on friday so i will see whats going on sale in sydney store first and maybe call NM lol.
    I know that Dior have two sales per year?I always thought the sale starts at July and theres another one in December:shrugs:

  11. yup, you're right su, dior does have 2 sales yearly. i know in the december sales, some detective items (except the gorgeous medium one) were on sale, along with dior flight, diorissimo (selected colours), tonnes of monogram dior saddles (in navy) and some others. since the NM sale starts tomorrow (and since there's a big time difference between OZ and US), maybe you can ring up the dior in sydney to ask what items would be going on sale in june/july and then decide if you need to ring up NM.

    as far as i know, the NM/Saks sale is a different one from the sales that goes on in dior boutiques. plus when NM had a sale last time, the NEW trotter romantique (the heart padlock version in brown) was on sale for 40% off. so it might be that the NM sales would offer something better (like newer lines) as compared to the sales in dior itself (since those sales are generally for items from a few seasons back). ;)
  12. Reminder!!! (from a woman scorned here) that the NM STORE only accepts American Express, The Neiman Marcus Card, Cash or Check.. no visa! no mastercard!
    (I had quite a pile and pulled out my pretty visa and was told to apply for a NM card... I walked away from the entire sale. I was so pissed I dropped the 'f' bomb and my SA dropped her jaw lol)

    But online is a diff story (not that there are dior sale bags online) but for general info, NeimanMarcus.com accepts the following credit cards for online purchases:
    The Neiman Marcus credit card
    American Express
  13. hmm, does anyone know if jewelry (costume) is on sale as well? thanks!
  14. You can get around this by purchasing a Neiman Marcus gift card ONLINE first with your master/visa. Or purchase a AMEX gift card. I think there is a surcharge per card with the AMEX giftcard though.

  15. way to go girl !!!! :wlae:id probably assault the SA if i had a bunch of Dior goodies and couldnt get them and was fobidden entrance to NM forever ! :supacool:i mean come aawwwn how ridiculous is that , a store like that and not accepting major cc`s ? puh-lease...