40% off Chloe bags at Aloharag

  1. Hey,

    Theres a sale on the Chloe pocket pad bags on aloharag.

    Selected colours. Worth having a look if your interestedl.

  2. Wow! Thanks for letting us know! Great prices! :yes:
  3. Someone please convince me I do NOT need the pocket paddy in the cream color.
  4. Thanks! Those prices are really good! Where is my money when I need it, perhaps I will play the lottery this afternoon.

  5. Me too :sad:

    NOR the Python Silverado. And did you see the adorable mini Python? :love:
  6. didn't see any chloes I wanted but I might have to have these: :roflmfao:

  7. I actually saw that mini python in person at AR a few months ago while vacationing in Hawaii. So sad that no one is grabbing that little beauty!
  8. I like the padlock bag in flesh cream, can you advise what the real Chloe color of that bag is?
  9. Post pics with you modelling when you get it! :nuts:

  10. When I bought that bag (and subsequently returned it) my sister warned me that it wasn't the creme I desired. It really is flesh color, meaning peachy pink undertones. It didn't work for my wardrobe it might for yours?;)

    Also the leather is stiffer on this particular colored bag, just an FYI.
  11. Looks
  12. Looks like they are down to just the orange
  13. :roflmfao: Thanks for the giggle!
  14. I had it in my cart but by the time I was looking into the color issue it was gone. Oh well. Not meant to be. Aloha Rag said the official Chloe color was ecru, I don't remember that being a color for them.
  15. WOW, if we get those leopard skin thongs from a couple of days ago, could start a new kind of giraffe look.