40% off barnes and nobels w/MC purchase

  1. Must use mastercard to pay.

    40% off one book, free shipping over $25 (i got free expedited shipping).

    Code: x8x9x3k

    ETA: If you buy > 1 book, they take the 40% off the highest price book
  2. Awesome....I just happen to have my Mastercard handy!
  3. Thanks so much. I just got the $150 Dior 60th Anniversary book for $75!
  4. Thank you! My cousin is asking for a good book!
  5. Thanks fo the heads up! I saved 26 bucks on my nursing book!
  6. great deal!
  7. coupon expires dec 31 -- so maybe it can be used twice? :smile:
  8. I think it's a one-time use per card. I tried ordering another book with the same card, and it says it's been redeemed.