40% off bags at Capitol in Charlotte, NC

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  1. A NC store called Capitol has a 40% off sale--they have some Betty Patent/Silverado/Paddys/Python Paddy!/Edith/Tracy East-West and maybe more, but i'm not sure. The number is 704.552.8987 and Nicole (the SA) shipped me mine with no tax. THey also have some new Bays and Ediths.
  2. Hey Cal - welcome to the forum.

    This might get a better response in the deals and steals section.

    Some great deals you have listed there
  3. Thanks for the information. Welcome to the PF.
  4. caldwellr : Do they really have a python Paddy?? I didn't even know they made them. Thanks for the number; I'm calling tomorrow to see what they have.:yes:
  5. thanks so much for posting the info and phone number!
  6. I was wondeirng the same thing! I know it came in lizard and croc, but I never heard about python. :nuts:

    Keep us posted!! :yes: