40% off at Susans Burlingame SF! Get 'em girls.

  1. Went to Susan's in Burlingame today. :sneaky:

    ALL BALENCIAGA'S ARE 40% OFF - they're trying to rid themselves of the collection!

    Stock in Burlingame:

    FB GGH City $976
    FB Mini Bowling
    Vert Deau City RH $717 (holy cow!)
    Vert Deau Twiggy
    Vert Gazon Twiggy
    Vert Gazon WE
    Tomato Courier - not sure what size
    Vert Gazon Courier - not sure what size
    2 Ink Matelasse Medium
    1 Black Matelasse Medium

    SF stock (what I know of it):

    Tomato (red) Twiggy

    And of course - a spy photo!
  2. Did you get anything Rere?
  3. Was seriously thinkin about it, nw. Seriously...

    I wanted the FB GGH City and my mom wanted the VD RH City, but being that we both *just* got new bags, we had to combine every ounce of willpower left to let the bags go.

    Some leather seemed kinda dry, but its nothin a lil conditioner couldn't fix right up!

    But at 40% off.... jeeees.
  4. Wow! Those are great prices. I may have to go there tomorrow for that Vert d"eau!
  5. Which VD kimber!?

    The City and the Twiggy were both nice... just needs a teeny tiny bit of love although the City is drier than the Twiggy.

    I wanted the VG Twiggy so bad... then I realized that I hate the Twiggy. LOL.
  6. I just called the SF, they're closing, but someone is getting back to me tomorrow morning with what they're selling, I'll be sure to post!
  7. Thanks Amiekbs8, I am intrigue to know what kind of stock they have in Tomato :smile:
  8. do they take phone orders or ship worldwide?
  9. I was thinking the City. Now I'm tempted by the FB as well. If I'd know today, I totally would have gone. It's only maybe 5 miles from work.
  10. They take phone orders, and ship at least across the US. Not sure if they do worldwide.

    The only thing is that there are no returns/exchanges on bbags and their shipping isn't cheap (I think.) :nogood:
  11. Are those Lanvin flats on the bottom of the Balenciaga also onsale by any chance? TIA :flowers:
  12. ^^ I knew I should have looked, I thought someone might ask!

    I'm so sorry I didn't look. But if it helps, that half of the store where the Balenciaga's are had several big ass sale signs on it, and you see those necklaces or whatever in the pic? Those were marked down.

    I hope they're on sale.. ? They're cute!
  13. Just called the Burlingame store, all the city's are gone!
    Burlingame store - (650) 347-0452

    The SF store has 2 more city's, a blue w/ GGH and an apple green w/ RH.
    the SF store had more selection... too bad none of the stores had any that I wanted :sad: good luck ladies!
    SF - SA Eric was helpful (415) 922-3685
  14. ^^ FYI, its probably not an Apple Green, they just don't know the names so they describe the colors.

    Its most likely a Vert Gazon. Regardless, still a good find!!!
  15. SF also has a red weekender, a vert gazon weekender, a red matelesse, and a vert gazon work (all RH).

    it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...lol