40% off at Karizma Boutique!!!!

  1. [​IMG]KARIZMAUse code toutie40% for 40% off. ALL SALES FINAL
    THREE DAYS ONLY! Save 40% on Kooba, Botkier, Miguelina and more at Karizma. Use code Toutie40%. Valid until August 9, 2007.

    12th Street by Cynthia Vincent flutter sleeve dress, $227. Kooba "NIna" bag, $485.

    Hi Ladies, this sale began today-you can drop in- or order online. I have had great experiences shopping with them, and have always been pleased with my purchases!​
  2. Thanks so much for posting. 40% off is great...all sales final is alittle iffy for me as I would like a Moni Moni Splendor. Having never seen one IRL I'm not sure if I would like it or not.
  3. Thanks for posting! I'm glad they don't have the Botkier Large Bianca in Cherry or I would be so tempted.
  4. Cool! Thank you, I got a large Black bianca for 407
  5. I placed a phone order at Karizma for 30% off a Bianca bag just this Saturday, as I was told the sale ended Monday. Do you think they would honor the 40% off and credit the difference with this new sale? This is my first purchase from them, so I am not sure if this is done by smaller boutiques. Would it be rude to ask, since a 30% discount is good on a Bianca? Thanks for any input.
  6. Can't hurt to ask.....It's worth a try, I'd say. Good luck and Congrats on your Bianca!
  7. omg thanks for posting!
    and ciatta, the moni moni splendor is nice, but i don't think it's fabulous quality.
  8. Does anyone know if the store has any Large Cherry Biancas in stock?
  9. Call Shellie up and ask her...I know that she has special ordered bags in the past.
  10. I'm in Canada so they won't even ship it to me. I was just wondering if anyone was going to or has been to the store recently and knows if they have them. ;) I'm guessing they won't special order a bag for me and then give me the 40% off. lol

  11. I do know that they had some in both sizes, but they may be sold out.
  12. Thanks, I'll get one of my friends in the states to just call and if they can order it for me I'll get it shipped to them. I just hope they can honour the 40% off.
  13. What they have on the website is pretty accurate. I think she had a few more Botkiers like the Nomad Satchel and some other things. As far as Biancas, only the large black Bianca and medium chocolate Bianca are in stock.

    If she has to special order it too, I highly doubt she will give you 40% off either.

  14. Can't hurt to ask...all she can do is tell you no. Nothing lost if she won't, but definitely something to gain if she could!:rolleyes:
  15. They seem very accommodating on the phone, so they might be able to get what you request. I am looking forward to visiting them the next time I'm out west.
    Thanks for the codes and info on the sales.