40% off at chloe

  1. Hi, not sure if this is old news or not ... but friend just went to south coast plaza in cali and informed me that chloe boutique is having 40% off most bags....
  2. This may be new. The Chloe site redirects to NAP. They have a few Chloes on sale.
  3. ooo i wonder if the paddingtons are on sale..
  4. thanks for the post shihfan. i'm calling tomorrow. (=
  5. Just the bags? did RTW go on sale too?
  6. I called and the SA said no Paddingtons but some Silverados are on sale. :graucho:
  7. is it only at Chloe boutique or neiman chloe as well? please quick girl.. :biggrin: in a rush of getting the silverado in natural
  8. RTW is 40% off
  9. Anyone know if the professor shopping tote is on sale?
  10. Welovelouie - Sorry, I didn't ask about the Silverado colors,. I only called the Chloe store since I didn't know about the Neimans. The Chloe numer is 714-481-0308. The SA mentioned some other style but I really didn't catch the name of it. Does Corrella ring a bell?
  11. Thank you!
  12. Probably Kerala.
  13. is the chloe edith included in the sale?
  14. thats just too bad for me. I wanted a pyhton silverado and python is illegal in california. booo hoooo!
  15. Poppincourt,
    Call the NY Chloe and ask them .......... they will ship to you .... hope you find it on sale!!