$40 Million Just To Keep Her Mouth Shut !!

  1. McCartney now offering £40million for Heather Mills’ silence
    Sunday September 10th, 2006

    [​IMG]Paul McCartney is now reportedly offering Heather Mills a £40million divorce settlement - but on the condition that she doesn’t talk about the marriage.
    Paul was rumoured to be exploring a gagging order, particularly when he found out she was making a video diary of the divorce proceedings, and now, according to the News of the World, he’s willing to pay for it.
    A source close to the couple told the newspaper: “They are thrashing out a deal which would amount to between £30 million and £40 million over 20 years and there will be strict conditions.”
    “Heather must reveal nothing about their personal lives… no books, no TV specials. She has one hell of a story and Paul wants a settlement to make sure it never comes out.”
    “Heather has no intention of telling it because she knows it would only hurt their daughter Bea, but it would always be lurking in the background.”
    “Any breach of the conditions would allow him to stop the payments — so basically he has control of Heather for the rest of his life. There’s a long way to go but it looks like that will form the basis of the settlement.”
    The source also revealed “the war is over” between the two of them though: “Time is a great healer. When they split up initially Paul wouldn’t have anything to do with Heather. He wanted her totally frozen out.”
    “But his anger is dying down. He doesn’t hate her. In fact, he quite likes her and enjoys her company. He also realises she’s the mother of his daughter — and a good one at that — and she’s the woman who he once fell madly in love with.”
    “I don’t think there is a chance that they will get back together but the war is over.
    “They have reached a new stage in their relationship where they can talk, be around each other and co-operate in the best way for Bea. It’s a huge relief for both of them.”
  2. Somebody can pay me 40 million-- I'll shut up!! :nuts:
  3. Haha me too. me too.:yes:
  4. I've always wondered about their marriage, although I guess now we'll never know !
  5. hmm.. yeah me too.. if bf pays me 40 million, I can learn to shut my mouth too.. lol lol.. hehehe but yeah, what happened to their marriage.. i guess we will never really know..
  6. Something will come out...eventually
  7. I wonder what really went on if he has to pay her 40 million to shut up. Maybe he's a real perv. What else could it be?
  8. What does he have to really lose by not giving her 40 million? If I was him, I wouldn't care what the hell she would say. He obviously has enough money to last several lifetimes.....who cares what she says about you Paul! Don't give her any more than what you are legally obligated to.

    I don't trust her.
  9. Unless he is a child molester or a rapist or murderer, who cares?! Save your money & let her trash talk.
  10. I checked xe.com- 40 million pounds curently equals $74,623,802.87 in US $! :wtf:
  11. Huh, must be some secret lol
  12. Its an open secret that Sir Paul is a big time pot smoker. He has been convicted twice in Europe for pot possession/cultivation over the past 30 or so years. In the early 80s he was busted in the airport in Japan after nearly 1/2 a pound of weed was found in his luggage. He'd been denied a visa to visit Japan prior to that due to the past drug convictions, so he was quite foolish to believe officials there would not be looking for drugs in his luggage on that trip. He spent almost two weeks in a Japanese jail before being expelled from the country and being told not to come back. He was damn lucky they did not put him on trial for smuggling since he had a very large amount of marijuana in his possession. I think that marijuana has been pretty much decriminalized in the UK but Heather may be playing the drug card to get what she wants.

  13. I'll shut up for 10 million!!:P....but no less than 2!
  14. His secret must be something pretty bad more than just the pot thing. I sure wonder what it is.
  15. I ditto that!!!