40 Kelly Vs. Kelly breifcase

  1. I LOVE :love: the Kelly (as i expressed in other posts) I want a Kelly 40 to use as a breifcase or luggage, i saw the kelly breifcase (btw does anyone have any other pics) As a guy i know the beifcase is more masculine but i love the kelly so much more, whats the difference in price? (i would assume the breifcase would be cheaper as its not as popular:shrugs:) i would want ruth. in fijord ( i think i want the stifest, i hate the slouchy bags and the most durable leather) what doy uo think?
  2. I have not seen the briefcase yet but will check it out tomorrow......
  3. its like a square kelly and it doesnt taper to the top i.e its like a box with the kelly top handle, flap, and arms
  4. Sounds yummy!
  5. Kelly brief case is kind of tiny....! My husband and I took a look at it at Hermes for my husband...He said it was way too small for men. I thought it looked like more for women. Actually, SA told us that she sold one not that long ago to a lady for her 'going to work' bag.

    I think (I don't remember exactly) the price was about the same as regular Kelly... like $6000~$7000 before tax. It does not come with shoulder strap, which was a big minus factor for my husband to make a decision not buying it.

    There was another stiff brief case. I don't know the name of it. It looked sort of like James Bond brief case;) , but it had a feeling of Hermes bag to it. It was quite nice. The price was $11000 before tax.
  6. I agree, I had a look at the Kelly brief today, it would be way to small for my hubby and it did look like it may be more of a 'ladies' briefcase. You mentioned that you are heading off to design school in which case I imagine it will be too small for you. It is very cute but not very practical. The large Kelly, in my opinion, is too much of a 'ladies' bag as well. Keep looking, I am sure you'll eventually find just the right bag for your needs and best of luck with grade 12 :flowers:
  7. I also like the aesthetics of the Kelly which is why I purchased a Kelly Depeches briefcase in Gold Vache Liegee with palladium HW and contrast white stitch more than a year ago. What I like is the 2 gussets in this bag where I can keep files separate from one another. With a 40cm Kelly bag, you don't get multiple gussets but rather just one big compartment, a zippered pocket and open pockets inside the bag.The handle on the briefcase is shorter than on the 40cm Kelly. The briefcase did not come with a shoulder strap and I am not sure if the 40cm Kelly comes with it as well. If you want a more functional and versatile H briefcase, then look at a Sac a Depeches. This was my first H bag and came with 3 gussets which seem to be wider than the Kelly depeches. The Sac a Depeches is so well made like the H saddles as far as stitching is concerned. But if the original Kelly is what makes your heart smile, then I would definitely go for the 40cm Kelly. It comes with a wider handle than the briefcase version. I personally would get one in Natural Chamonix with palladium HW and contrast white stitch. There is just something about the leather straps, stitching and metal hardware that one finds very appealing to look at.