40% Home Sale at Anthropologie!

  1. Hi All:
    I was just in my local Anthropologie and all the home items on sale are an additional 40% off! A sales associate told me this was nationwide, and that the additional 40% off would go at least thru the weekend. Since it's just home items, no apparel or accessories are included (boo!), but at least it's something . . !
  2. Do you know if this included any Tocca candles or gift sets? I saw a few of those on sale table a few weeks ago and would definitely make the trip back to get them if they are an extra 40% off!
  3. Hooray! Thank you SO much! I was in there yesterday and saw a bunch of stuff I wanted so I just went back today and got it at a far superior price!
  4. I felt like I hit the jackpot this morning. 4 pillows I had been eyeing for about a year that were $98 each were on sale for $27ea! And bedding that would have cost me $575 I paid $130! Woo Hoo
  5. thanks!!
  6. thanks for posting!
  7. The discount also applies to clearance candles. You should probably call your local Anthropologie to make sure they have any left before you make the trip.

    I happen to be at the mall today and discovered the sale on my own. I stocked up on lots of bedding and some dinnerware! LOVE Anthropologie!
  8. My local Anthro does not stock Tocca (so sad), so I don't know if they are included. Probably a good idea to call ahead to check; they can sometimes hold sale merchandise too (depends on the store). Happy shopping!
  9. Go to www.my.anthropologie.com and sign up for free shipping. It takes 48 hours for them to send you the code so I'm still waiting. Good luck!