40 cm or 35 cm Birkin

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some advice, I am making an order for my first Birkin. I tend to carry alot of stuff in my bag. I'm 5'6, medium built, I love Miroslava Duma's bag's.
    Defiantly will be croc, just need some help, with the size.
  2. For a croc I'd go for 30 or 35.
    In your case I'd go for the 35 because you said that you carry a lot of stuff. I think a 40 is too big for a croc, JMHO off course ;).
  3. I think you will find that it'll be hard to get the croc in a 40. Could you try on a 40 at H before you decide? I'm 5'4 and think that I'd like a croc in 30 or 25 only.
  4. 35 in porosus croc/alligator.
  5. 35cm :smile:
  6. I think either one would be beautiful but if you like to carry big bags go for the 40 I have both and use my 40 much more
  7. 40 is v roomy and 35 would be the largest I would go .. but this is a personal preference and you can't go wrong w/ either size ..
  8. I own both a 40cm and a 35cm. I use my 40 everyday. I like my 40's over my 35's, but I'm a male, so that's probably why.
  9. I think the 35 would be a better "everyday" bag.............JMO
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone I'm going to Hermes tomorrow, I've been told the 40cm has a heavy support base compared to the 35 cm.
    Does anyone have any photos of their 40cm?
  11. A 40 in croc can be a bit OTT if one is not a celebrity. It's a LOT of bag and a lot of croc. I think a 35 would be far more versatile.
  12. in croc a 35cm in my experiance is best because well it can serve more functions and puposes but having taken into acount what you say you might .. truly here is the thing i know this is not what you ask but this is the idea of the forum so here it goes in my case i recomend you go for a 30cm in croc 35cm at the most belive me im talish not exactly tall but not petit and still in croc having both 35cm and 30cm i allways reach for my 30cm first and my 35cm and 40cm when sportier i just think its better looking in a way so this is what i truly think if you want i have pictures of me on my birkin noir album wearig all three sizes croc 40cm would be perfect becuase its hermes but i truly dont think that the 40cm was mde for croc in my personal taste (had one sold it and got a 35cm amethyst) if you get a 30cm croc you may get a 40cm leather for every day life any way hope it helps birkel one last thing as india says think versatility!
  13. thanks everyone for the advice... I am a proud owner of Grey 35cm and 40cm Black Togo Birkins. xxxx :yahoo: