40 cm laagoon...

  1. hi .. my s.a. call me today and ask me if Iwas interested in a 40 cm. leather in lagoon
    colour.... what do you think i don't have a clue about the colour??:confused1::confused1:
    :angel::flowers::confused1: WILL LOOK all RIGHT IN 40????
  2. lagoon is heinous! its dark dark turquoise.............neon

  3. so ...buy or not....???
  4. well what do you think of the color.

    don't mind Hermeaholic, she post all kinds of remarks like that on all kinds of threads

    so do you like the color? can you fit into your wardrobe?
  5. (wow, forum is acting funny - here is my third attempt to post!)

    I've only seen this photo of lagoon:


    It's way too bright and bold for my taste - but I am a neutral girl. I see two considerations: (1) do you like the colour? and (2) do you wear 40 cm Birkins? Many people ehre think 40s only work well as travel bags. A bold, bright colour on a big bag will make it even bigger.

    It would certainly be a statement!
  6. ^ me too, piaff. I got bumped from the whole site. nevermind piaff got it you don't need this post.
  7. Yes, but isn't it too big in a 40cm? I would love it in a 30 or a 35, but a 40 is really big, Lagoon is TDF as a color, I mean I really really love it, but it's very bright, and you have to be the one who knows if you can feel comfortable with something this big and this bright. It's surely an amazing piece, but it's not simple to pull off.
  8. i thought it suppose to be a tranquil color, not a inyourface neon. ack!!
  9. hey sorry to be so bllunt...........but i am a bad typist and i write as short as possible. i got the impression she had never seen the color. i have and it is strong --the SA's I spoke with think its dreadful --much like last years turquoise but stronger and greener. in a 40cm it would be a lot of bag. sorry.........:smile:
  10. Do you already have another 40cm, or have you tried on one at least?
  11. FYI, I have seen the color IRL, and the one in the link piaffe posted is quite close to reality.
  12. Does anyone remember the Jelly kellys and jelly birkins (the rubber bags)? The pics in the ad kinda remind me of those bags.
  13. It looks a beautiful colour - but I like colourful accessories to counteract neutrals. Never buy anything you haven't seen on the strength of a phone call! This colour will probably work better on the smaller accessories though - I find the standard turqouise too washed out.
  14. Too green for my taste.
  15. Also, Lagoon comes in Swift leather, wich means that especially in a 40c it's going to be very floopy, much more than any smaller bag in swift that you may have. I personally adore the floopy look, but I don't know your tastes, and I know many on the frum don't like it.

    Again, don't misunderstand me I adore lagoon as a color