40 cm kelly - Is it very cool and useful, or a big mistake?

  1. I would be interested in your impressions of the 40 cm kelly. I recently saw one (fortunately not the exact color/leather/hardware combination I would opt for) and have to say, I thought it was very cool. A good size for briefcase alternative, too. The shorter, wider shoulder strap is a nice touch, too.

    Anybody have a 40cm kelly and love it? Or bought one and didn't like it or use it?

    Strangely, although I think the 32 cm looks best on me, the ergonomics of it never felt right to me, and I seem to gravitate toward the 28 cm size and the 40 cm size.

    I really shouldn't be thinking about 2008 bags already - I have already committed to two in the spring, if and when they become available, and I really have no business expanding my shopping list at all. In fact, I have made a new years resolution to stay out of the store for a month. (please dont laugh).
  2. Personally, I find it too big, but that depends on what you will carry in it. It still looks great, if you need a lap top in it, or files...then it may be great !
  3. I held one a while ago and it felt really big to me, even though I usually like big bags. I think it was more the depth of the bag, than the width, that made it feel a lot bigger. But I'm only 5'4" so 40cm is a lot of bag for me ;) -- HTH :flowers:
  4. abbeyroad, avandome, i think you are both right - I find the 40 cm birkin too big too, and the kelly is only a slight bit smaller.

    Besides, I think my bag "deficit" is in the smaller size range. I need to not get so easily distracted!
  5. OOOps, should have mentioned I am 5'4 too and about 125 lbs. so I stick to 28/32 " kelly bags.
  6. A teeny bit too big.
  7. For A Briefcase Alternative.....I Think It Be Gorgeous!!!!!!!
  8. I have a 40cm Birkin,(there was no other size choice), choice was either to own my first birkin or not, so I went for it, the SA said it was good for my height 5'6". At first I found it to be too big, but after carrying it, I found that I can keep the shape of the bag and carry everything I want in it.

    Since 40cm Kelly is a little smaller than birkin, it would be a great bag size, especially if it is winter and you need to carry a scarf and extra sweater etc. and want to close the bag!
    I don't own a kelly, but have a herbag, and find it very hard to close if the bag is close to being full.:yes:

    Go for it...........:tup:
  9. If you have the right body language and attitude, I think you can carry off just about anything. You obviously have to have some self awareness or manage to find it eventually. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with my 35cm Kelly. I wasn't rocking it at all and it sat in the closet for years! I pulled it out in 2007 and suddenly it worked for me. I was now used to larger bags and I felt I could pull it off. So...try that 40cm in front of the mirror as much as possible before committing.
  10. You know, it's really whatever floats your boat. If it's a 40 cm Kelly, then so be it. It's really what you're most comfortable wearing.

    For example, I l:heart:ve my JPG and plenty of people consider it to be a boat.:shrugs: This munchkin can rock it w/ the best of them!:supacool:

    P.S. Good luck w/ your NY's resolution!:p
  11. I remember there was one 40 croc Kelly in a brown color family on createursdeluxe. It was beeeautiful in the 40 size! Croc made it look very original in 40. I would doubt 40 in non-exotic though - too plain big IMO.
    HAHAHA!:roflmfao: My DH calls my JPG a boat and a truck :shrugs:
  12. sorry jedi, "staying out of the store for a month", now that seriously cracked me up. I personally think you would get alot of use of a kelly 40 with your job and travel...I think you should go for it~
  13. I think its really pretty to look at but i wouldnt have much use for it and Im 5'9'. Those bags get heavy!
  14. I agree... Imagine carrying a huge kelly as a brief :tup:case!!!
  15. As has already been said, I think it's mainly how comfortable you are in your skin, carrying it. I guess my concern would be, how practical is it going to be putting briefs/files in it and having to deal with the closure every time? I am kind of ambivalent.