40 cm Birkin - questions

  1. Have you ordered a 40 cm Birkin from a store? Do you find they are more or less available than 35s?

    I was told by a SA at the boutique that they are starting to collect deposits when people order 40s, because when they come in to the store, customers realize that the bag is heavier than they expected (some leathers moreso than others) or too big, and change their minds. The store is then left with a 40, which does not move nearly as quickly. Has anyone heard this?

    Does anyone have action photos to share? I am 5'11.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I believe the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy carried a 40 Birkin. I'm unsure of her exact height but she was definitely not of average (short) height.

    That is interesting news about the deposit. I guess it could be perceived as fair if the store is having trouble moving the 40cms. There seems to be a recent move towards smaller versus larger Birkins, at least here in the Los Angeles area I see more 30cm than any other size lately. I myself am 5'3" and happily carry 35s. I think the larger sized 40 looks great on taller persons and truly it is all about the attitude of the person carrying it. If they love the bag and feel comfy, usually it comes across and looks good.

  3. the 40cm is great bag -- if you like a tote. i use it for work, or when i'm going to be out all day and want to have something i can put everything else in . . . the mail, stuff from the pharmacy, a bottle of water from 7-11. it can get heavy, so i do like it in leathers other than clemence and togo -- box, crinoline, toile are all great.

    i'm just shy of 5'5", and curvy:

  4. CBK was 6 ft, with a tiny bone structure.

    Love the pics with the 40! You're killing me with that 40, DQ!

  5. ...so I just found this thread (serched "tall" in titles!), where it appears CBK wore a 45 cm Birkin that has been discontinued!

    Also found BlkLadyLaw's thread and modelling pix!

    My boutique is in Toronto, which is way smaller than NYC (and all the other big US city stores), so maybe it is a regional quirk?

    If I were to ask to "test drive" a 40 around the boutique (ie someone else's order), would they let me??
  6. I love it!! Is it vache naturelle or something else? (I have VN, and a barenia...I love the natural horsey leathers...)
  7. ^^ Test driving is totally up to each SA/Boutique. I had the honour of being called into to test drive someone else's 30 in a special ordered combination after I asked to be allowed to do so. I wore gloves and was very brief with my inspection of it. It is a personal call on Hermes's part, as I imagine customers would get royally ticked if they knew their special orders were being modeled by someone else. I wish Hermes kept each model and size on hand for this purpose as it is so very hard to make decisions based on photos and other peoples opinions.
  8. I picked up my 2nd 40cm birkin this holiday. I think it is a good size with lots of room to carry one's personal items. The only drawback is that it can get really heavy even when not full. The bottom side is reinforced like the travel sized birkins/hacs to keep its shape when carrying a heavier load. I feel that the bottom side adds up to to heavy weight of the 40 because of the wider base and reinforced backing. If heavy weight is an issue, I would consider a 35 birkin or 36 hac instead. You might want to also check out the 40cm hac if you want more of a tote/cabas style birkin. As a male, I personally love the 40cm hac's profile and proportions over the 40cm birkin.
  9. DQ.I love you Birkin. omg.
  10. I am 5ft 2 and I have a 40 in gris and I absolutely love it. It is a little heavy in clemence but it doesnt really make that much of a difference to me from the 35 to be honest (I have one in box) which is supposed to be much lighter than the clemence. So really, I think it pretty much boils down to what you prefer and how you carry it. I am petite so it fits through my arm and I can carry the 40 over my shoulder :p But then again, I love big totes/bags so yeah... I think asking your SA to test drive is fine as long as you are nice and honest about it. Afterall, you are going to be spending alot on something, might as well be something you are sure about. Good luck!
  11. ...this thread is actually almost a year old - I ended up getting myself a couple of 40s this year, and I love the size!

    CLUB 40!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i would love to see more modeling pics of 40. i don't know why but 40 has been on my mind nonstop lately. i have not seen any in person though.
  13. I have read all the 40cm thread and now you guys are making me want a 40cm. I have all 35 cm and when I was in Hawaii I tried out a 40 something or was it 50 HAC and thought it was heavy and luggage like. So I got a 35 etoupe. I really really want a 40cm in VL. Maddox: I really want to carry the Birkin over my shoulder like you. I'm 5'4" and 122 but not skinny minny like CBK.
    So my question is :

    1. Do they make 40 cm in VL and is it reinforced like all other leathers. VL is stiffer.

    2. Do you think since it's a different leather and probably over $10,000 now do you tpfer think they will allow me to SO it. I really want VL BLK GHW with Graphite inside or Raisin.

    This is now my new grail Birkin!!!!

    Please TPFer!! respond with your infinite wisdom : )
  14. piaffe, ooops! LOL I didn't look at the date! I'm still trying to recover from my newly acquired constance(i had just put up a thread and was trying to bring myself back down to reality haha), apologies!

    Glad you love the 40, you're right, go Club 40!
  15. pocketyee, I so want the VL ghw in a 35 in black!! LOL we are wanting the opposites. Well, because I already have a black box in 35, I wanted something abit slouchy but with structure still so I thought the VL would be a good alternative. But I wouldnt mind it in a 40 either, I love love the 40. I feel like its the new black. Errr, the new 40 black that is lol

    In answer to your question, I have no idea of they take SOs on it. I am sure they do. I have gone into my local boutique here to SO but have yet to make a final decision and she was showing me the leather book so I think it is quite possible. piaffe, what colors are your 40s in??! DO share :p