40% chance T-storms on my wedding day

  1. ..for my garden wedding. I'm sad :sad2: It's next saturday and the 10 day forecast does not look promising. :cry:
  2. 60% chance that it won't rain? :P........i don't know if it'll do any good but i'll wish really really really hard that it doesn't rain on your wedding day.....i'm sure it'll be beautiful and fabulous ;)
  3. Awwwwwwwww, I hope it won't rain for your sake!!!
  4. My wedding was outdoors as well. It rained most of the day, but by the time the ceremony began at 3pm the sun was out and it way a beautiful - if chilly - day. Don't worry about the forecast, they are rarely accurate this far out. Either way, it will be a fantastic day! :nuts:
  5. I've heard that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck! I was in a wedding in Savannah several years ago and the reception was planned to be in one of the beautiful squares right next to the church - man, it down-poured!! We had to squeeze the entire reception into the b&b where all us bridesmaids were staying and then when it turned into a light sprinkle, my friend pulled the (apparently a Savannah tradition) trick of jumping on a trolley and leaving so her husband had to go chasing her (and all of us, of course) throughout the entire riverfront through restaurant kitchens and shop store rooms until he found her. We were all quite tipsy and wet, but they have since been married over twelve years and have two beautiful children and are still going strong.

    But best of luck for your exciting day!
  6. Even if there is a thunderstorm on your wedding day, try to look on the bright side - thunderstorms are visually beautiful! ;)
  7. i'm crossing my fingers for you too that it doesn't rain on your wedding day!
  8. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, it can always come rain on me here instead, I'm British so I'm used to it! I hope you have a fantastic day that's memorable for all the RIGHT reasons, and a long and happy marriage!

  9. It will be fine. Whatever it is, it is. The day will be perfect because your getting married!! My wedding it snowed 24 inches and half of the invited guests couldnt come. The deliveries didnt show up ect ect ect. But you know what. We had a blast, it turned into a beautiful wedding Everytime it snows I think of my wedding and how happy I am to be married to my husband. Relax you will have agreat wedding!!
    Good luck and I will be sending dry thoughts your way!
  10. Well said Selena! It will be amazing no matter what the weather is because it is your wedding day! We will all keep our fingers crossed for you that you have beautiful weather!
  11. A friend of mine had an outdoor wedding where not only did it pour, there was a car accident right during the vows! Luckily, no one was hurt so the police and ambulance did not use their sirens. They made it through it, though, and are still very happily married.

    Hopefully, it will not rain, but even if it does just remember it will be your day and try to make the best of it!!! Good luck!
  12. Hope you have a great wedding!! We'll be hoping for no rain!!!!!
  13. It will all work out. The 10 day forecasts seem to change so much too and can be off- even if they aren't clouds can be gorgeous in their own way. Either way it is your special day coming up!!! How exciting fro you!!!!!
  14. gingerB! I'll do a little "anti-rain dance" for you!!! never worked for me (i.e. they day before I go to the beach, go an vacation, etc. etc. etc.) but since it's for someone else I think the rain gods may actually humor me this time! Don't worry!!!
  15. It will be a lovely wedding rain or shine :biggrin: I'll cross my fingers for you. Congrats!