40 and wondering how hard it's going to be?

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  1. I turned 40 in January - DH and I have been married for almost 13 years...put off TTC due to endometriosis and other medical issues, family problems, you name it - always waiting for the right time....and now I can't believe how much time has passed and so quickly. We want to try NOW but wonder what our odds are if we consistently try naturally? I'm going to get a fertility workup done at the GYN to see exactly where we stand - I'm scared he's going to tell me nothing is right.

    I still get my periods on a normal consistent basis and seem to be ovulating and all - did the ovulation kit test and I'm dead on the same time every month?

    Would love some positive thoughts/experiences :nuts: I wish we never would have waited this long as it may be too late. DH and I are of the thought that if we can't conceive naturally, then we aren't going down the IVF road. I might consider doing hormone shots, but unsure of IVF (though a 39year old at my work just did the shots - didn't work, had one round of IVF and is pregnant...so MAYBE ;)).

    tHANK YOU!
  2. Fertility decreases significantly after 35, but if you are still ovulating regularly each month, that's definitely a good sign. Every woman is different, so there is really no predicting YOUR chances. I would just start trying and see how it goes. If you aren't pregnant in 6 months, then I would see a reproductive endocrinologist. You may also want to get hubs in for a sperm analysis just to make sure everything is working on his side. Good luck!
  3. Hi there, I'm 41 and we started TTC'ing last December when I was 40. I was on the pill for about a year or so when I first started dating my DH. I went off the pill in December and got pregnant in April with twins, only to lose them both early in the pregnancy. We then started trying again after a 2 month break and I got pregnant in July. I can only speak for myself since every woman is different and you won't know until you start trying. My DH and I BD'd every other day after my period and I knew exactly when I ovulated. I found out in August that I was pregnant. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and so far the baby is doing well with a strong heartbeat at 163 (I just had a sonogram on Wed.)

    If this gives you any hope I have heard of many women older than us having normal, healthy babies. A co-worker's wife and he tried for many years but couldn't conceive. When she was 45 she found out she was pregnant and went on to have a beautiful baby girl who is now 8 or 9 and gorgeous and smart. My doctor told me he had a 49 year old give birth to normal, healthy triplets.

    Also, keep in mind a 20 or 30 year old can have fertility problems as well (there are many on these boards). Everyone is so different, but I did want to give you some hope that a 40 something can have a normal, healthy pregnancy.

    Feel free to PM me anytime and good luck!
  4. I know many people where I live that have had their first babies at age 40 and over. I heard from my obgyn that it's actually quite common. Both my sister and my friend had their babies recently at age 41. HTH!
  5. Can you consult a reproductive endorinologist? RE can do a workup on both you and DH. Given your history of endometriosis, RE will be more aggressive than OB doc. Good luck to you!!!
  6. My friend had endometriosis and fibroids and got pregnant at 42. It was her miracle child. She could not concieve again but she is thrilled that she has a beautiful baby girl...
  7. Overall, over all women, fertility decreases dramatically around age 40. However, if you are ovulating regularly, that is MORE than half the battle. There are LOTS of women who successfully conceive and have healthy children after age 40, too, and a lot of that has to do with genetics. Again, if you are regularly ovulating, there is no reason you should not be able to conceive naturally within a relatively short period of time. Good luck!
  8. There is hope but don't wait anymore!!!

    I'm currently 41 all normal bw, sa, etc. except 1 working ovary and AGE.

    I conceived naturally after having a huge cyst removed and shutting down one ovary at 37 then did gonal-f plus iui at age 39 and we have a healthy 17 month old son in addition to our 3 yr old girl.

    Not to scare u but I would push for an aggressive protocol (perhaps not IVF yet) that can possibly yield the quickest results. This may mean do nothing or ovarian stim for better odds. Just don't wait out the 6 month period to get started and investigating. Also remember the risks in carrying a pregnancy to term rise and complications rise with age too.

    At 39 I did 2 cycles of ovarian stim both yielding 4 mature eggs; 1st cycle nothing took! At our age fertility does drop of a cliff. 2nd medicated cycle we got preggo and I had 4 mature eggs again. So it's great that you ovulate but it might not be enough.

    BTW HSG's can have a therapeutic effect for several months after procedure and should be covered by insurance as they are considered diagnostic, not tx. This goes for SA as well and any BW u do.

  9. I agree..don't wait too long. Get some tests done on you and your DH...ovarian reserve for starters (fsh levels etc). Avoid clomid as generally a waste of time..try short protocol IVF as much quicker and cheaper. Good luck!
  10. Twinklette - I didn't even start trying until I was 36 - I know that is a few years younger but it's still no spring chicken! I got preg quickly but sadly had a m/c, which to be honest is an increased risk if you are over 35. Then I got preg quickly again and had a fantastic daughter at age 37. However I know loads of older women who have got pregnant so it is completely possible - one of my friends got preg on her first ever round of IVF at 41 but I also know others who got preg naturally at over 40. However I agree you should start tests sooner rather than later - good luck, you may be suprised!!
  11. Be optimistic! My mom had me when she was 40 :smile:
  12. i have a cousin who conceived her healthy baby boy at 40.
  13. Every person is different, but it is very possible that you won't have any problems.

    I am 40 and just had my first. I got pg without any fertility help and had an easy pregnancy and delivery. We have a happy, healthy 3 week old son!

    Good luck!
  14. I have two stories to give you hope. We started trying in March when I was 40. I didn't get pregnant the first cycle and I started using OPK's in May. Since I had never tried before, I didn't really know when or even if I ovulated. I also charted that cycle. Got pregnant that cycle and had DD in Feb just before I turned 41. When DD was 9 months old, DH and I decided we wanted to have another one. I got pregnant the very first cycle and had DD #2 in Oct after I was 42. I didn't use fertility drugs at all. So there is hope.
  15. I'm 30 - but hubby is 40 - do these age restrictions on when things get complicated (over 35) only happen with the ladies, or the men too? Is it harder to get pregnant if the Man is over 40 ? sorry if this is off topic :sad: