4 years old eBay with 0 feedback won my $2300 LV

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  1. Call me paranoid but I totally have a doubt. He ( yes, my buyer is man ) just clicked Buy It Now and paid immediately my LV. He has 0 feedback and already 4 years old on eBay. I tried to find the item he bid and find:


    He bid the similiar item with the one her purchased from me. I think he lost it then click Buy It Now in my auction.

    He has confirmed PayPal address. A lady has been deposited $100 for this bag but she asked me to list it on eBay so if I get a buyer, she want to get back her deposit or if my item unsold, she'll try to pay the full amount ( we both have no prob with this deal ) but my buyer has a same name with husby of that lady. I refunded that lady when I saw this bag has sold. Ugh, I think I'm paranoid but let me know what do you think.

    Is it ok to complete the transaction? Thanks :flowers:
  2. I don't understand why someone has given you $100. Was it a deposit to hold the bag or something?

    I'd wait until the money is cleared out of your account and ensure you use a fully trackable service to send the bag
  3. Is it a common last name? Check the address to see if it is in the same area. If he pays, just make sure you withdraw the money to your account and ship to a confirmed paypal address. I would suggest that once the money if in your bank account, transfer it to another account to ensure that they guy doesn't try to get his money back by filing a chargeback or something. Always take precautionary measures.
  4. ^^ I agree. Don't worry too much, perhaps he is just buying a gift for his wife and is really not an ebayer, too. Anything is possible.
  5. I've never heard of someone putting a deposit on an auction item. Is that in ebay rules that I missed?
  6. I had relisted this item twice. At my first listed, that lady said she'll buy it within 10 days and sent me deposit $100 but until the auction ended, she never paid the rest and emailed me to relist it and sell to other. She said that if my bag unsold, she'll try to pay but if someone purchase it, she want her refund back. Okay, I said okay.
  7. No, I had relisted this bag for twice. At my first listed, that lady said she'll buy it within 10 days and sent me deposit $100 but until the auction ended, she never paid the rest and emailed me to relist it and sell to other.
  8. xIcyBluex & chinkee21

    Thanks :smile: I'll wait until the withdrawal to my bank account clear and ship item.
  9. Make sure you ship to a confirmed address with signature confirmation/insurance...that way you will be protected by PayPal
  10. I agree her husband probably ended up getting it for her .....And listen to Carmen82- I totally agree. Especially for such a high priced item
  11. i thought that with deposits, its always non-refundable. they cant just ask you to hold the bag and then change their mind AND ask for their money back.
  12. Yes, honestly we all know the deposit is non refundable but since the bag has sold and that lady such get hard time to clear payment ( she's reselling her LVs on eBay now, she said that she'll use it to pay me ), I don't mind to refund her deposit :smile:
  13. In theory - yes, but i think it would be rather mean to pocket her $100 deposit.
  14. Also, if you can, put a tag on your bag that if it is removed you won't accept returns and take good photos of your bag before you mail it. You may not be able to enforce the tag removal if it was not in your auction listing, but the tag would be part of back up confirmation that it is your bag to prevent switching.
  15. Don't send that guy the bag until you are super sure his paypal account is legit. It could have been hijacked, and if you have already sent him the bag, you will be out your $$. Sounds a little fishy to me. Why would he be on ebay for 4 years with no feedback?????
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