4-way duffle strap...I can't figure it out!

  1. Does anyone have a duffle with the 4-way strap? I am trying to make it medium-long, (not long all the way) and just can't figure it out! If you know how, can you post a pic or two and describe how to get it right?

  2. Adjustable straps baffle me too, maybe somone else can help. I have one that doubles and have a hard enough time with that one. If you post pics maybe i could help.
  3. Are you dealing w/ Rubik's strap??? OOF...

    My hub figured out the strap on my one duffle and I've never changed it...I'm sorry I'm not helping!
  4. I have the same patchwork duffle but I don't use that adjustable strap thingie. I just wear it as a shoulder bag.