4 wallet choices to go with LV bag ==> help?

Which Wallet?

  • Multicolor Pochette

  • Vernis Pomme D'amour Pochette

  • Epi Pochette

  • Mono Canvas Eugenie

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Jun 2, 2008
The day is fast approaching and can't decide on which wallet to get with my bag.
I like easy access, light to carry and functional wallets...

Multicolor Pochette Wallet
-just not sure if I like the interior vachette part of MC, seemed thicker in comparison to other lines, however, I just adore the MC canvas :love:

Vernis Pomme D'amour Pochette Wallet
-LoVed how lightweight it felt when I went to LV boutique to see it & Pomme is so...:cloud9:

Epi Pochette Wallet
-seemed durable, but felt a little tight & stiff compared to Vernis Pomme when opening...:confused1:

Monogram Canvas Eugenie Wallet
-love the look of this wallet but don't know if the coin being in back would be annoying. I like the convenience of the Pochette wallet having the zipper compartment in one place. But Eugenie is :heart: