4 Shops in 3 hours.. Best Friday Morning EVER!!..

  1. Its my sisters birthday today, i didnt get her any thing last year so i decided to make it up to her this year. So i called the office, "I'll be in later, ard 12".. I reached at 1030, the security guy showed me a Hand written card OPENING HOURS: 1100.. :sad: Oh Well!!.. I'll walk ard first..

    The Main Entrance
    The infamous queue to get into LV.. :push:
  2. Great window displays!
  3. What did ya get? :nuts:
  4. Next Shop: HERMES

    I saw 2 LINDY and 1 (think its 40) Raisin Kelly. Beautiful!!. I asked to see a Eutope Lindy 34 but they dun have it. Lucky me! SGD8400.:wtf: The SA was very nice, showed me a couple of bangles but i dont think it suits my sister. PM ard SGD600, GM ard SGD900 if anybodys interested.. OK.. BACK TO LV..:graucho:
  5. It wasnt even 11 and there were customers inside already. WAO!! went to the shoes section first, but the sneakers dun catch my eye.. Saw a Scarf i had to have. :drool:
    Black MC, SGD420
  6. Than i rem i need a cles cos i gave both of mine to my sis and mum. I realise the price is different now. Its SGD250. SGD5 difference..

    Something caught my eye again.. GUESS WAT!!!.. Inclusion.. In Grey no less..
  7. Way to powershop! I love that scarf. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics. :popcorn:
  8. Grey GM Inclusion Bangle. SGD590, pricey for a piece of plastic. But its gorgeous..

  9. I Koe i koe its suppose to be a trip to buy my sisters present. Here goes..
    Damier Rift, SGD1000. They had only 1 piece left but the button infront was all scratched so they reserved 1 for me at the other store at DFS. 10 mins later im there.. Presenting:
  10. nice ;)

    can i be your sister too :smile: :p

    congrats on your purchase ;)
  11. you have one lucky sister!!!!
  12. yeah! i like the damier rift. hmm any chance of posting modelling pic :tup:
  13. Love Everything
  14. Wonderful purchases! Congrats!
  15. No... Thats Not all!! I even walked over to the Hilton Hotel LV Boutique. Wanted to get my mum a pair of shoes for xmas.. Had to walk away disappointed. :nogood: The shoes were not amazing.. I koe i want 1 last thing b4 i head back to work.. So back to Takashimaya. Its 1240 only, the queue had started to form. :yucky: I went in saw the SA who attended to me previously, "Can i have the scarf in White too" LOL!!
    White MC Scarf (BIg LVs) SGD220.


    A GREAT MORNING for me.. I hope u enjoyed my "story"