4 Season Color

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  1. Hi Everyone-

    I know there has been some talk already about the most versatile color, but I thought I'd post mine as well.

    I currently have an eggplant MAM and it works really well with my fall/winter clothes, but I was never crazy about the brass hardware, and I have a love hate relationship with it. I will be selling it and buying another MAM.

    I need a replacement versatile color. I was thinking about the Stone, but I'm worried about the gold hardware again. Any other color suggestions?? I work in corporate America, so orange and yellow are out. I wear a lot of blue, purple, green with black pants at work and jeans on the weekend.

    Thanks gals!
  2. Lovely! Please post a pic of the eggplant, would love to see it before you sell it!
    The Stone is beautiful.
    I have the Night Blue and was worried about the Gold hardware being to flashy too, but now that I have it I feel differently. Its looks Fab!
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  4. LOL! I love mine, I haven't used another bag since I got her.
  5. I know it's by far my fave!!! I still check everyday at Museten to see if it's on sale no luck so far
  6. xx

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  7. i would go for the dusy mam. because it has silver hardware and such a neutral color. u will love it!! :smile: please post pics of the eggplant. i was soo sad i misse dout on this color. its gorgeous. xxxxxxx
  8. xxxxxxx
  9. I completely agree. The Dusty MAM is a perfect neutral.
  10. I 2nd the Dusty suggestion. I also recommend chestnut, or if you can find one, a dark grey.
  11. I've been looking at dusty as well, but all the pics looks different. In some it looks taupe and in others it looks like a dirty white.

    Any good pics out there?
  12. As much as I love the idea, but I don't think we are allowed to buy, sell or trade here, unless ofcourse in the Marketplace but neither of us have access to it!:tdown:
  13. I will keep a look out for you. :yes:
    BTW its getting more smooshy already, just loving it:wlae:
  14. What about MAB in grey? FUnkylala.com has it.
    I saw this one ealier.. but just have seen it again on Rebeccaminkoff.com under girls--> in her bag--> Sammy white.
    I looks really good.

    Different between FLL and RM is: FLL has gold hardware and RM silver hardware.
  15. ErinB510,

    I have the dusty MAM (no pics taken yet unfortunately). It's a really great neutral not offwhite at all. I describe it as a taupey, almost light brown. I love it with the silver hardware. Literally, it goes with anything in my wardrobe.