4 quick questions:

  1. Hi guys/gals! I'm new to this forum and I'm completely addicted now. You all are so nice, informative and have amazing collections! I have four questions that I hope someone can answer...
    1.) On the pouchette cancun, is the strap removable? I saw that it was knotted inside but I wasn't sure.
    2.) Are the flip flops not for sale anymore? I've been looking in all the stores around here but can't seem to find them...
    3.) Does the store in Boca Town Center (either the store-store or the one in Saks) do heat stamping?
    4.) When will the Vernis key and change lovely piece come back out in red? I've only seen it in white, strawberry and beige. Was it LE?

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks a bunch in advance :flowers:
  2. i can only answer two of your questions :shame:

    1. the strap is removable; just undo the knots
    4. i think the red has been discontinued, so the only place you'll find it is on eBay
  3. Thank you =)
  4. I can answer question #2!!!

    If you're talking about the Bahias or the Spa Mules, both have been discontinued. :sad:
  5. I saw flip-flops but on the men's side only. I wasn't paying attention if there were flip-flops at the women's.

    Vernis colors all get discontinued at some point. So what they have now is eventually going to be discontinued later on and newer colors will come out.
  6. thanks guys =)