4 Questions~!!! thank you!!!

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  1. :smile: I'm new here~! And I have a lot of questions...:sweatdrop:

    Firstly...I have a high chance of having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) For Example...So all my LV must be made in France...because LV is a French Brand...I'll only buy the Damier Canvas because it's designed by LOUIS...etc...:sweatdrop:

    Sorry!!! Questions start here~!!!

    1. I'm scared of meeting a scary Sales Person...
    Do they ignore you if you don't look posh like Victoria Beckham? :sweatdrop:

    2. How do you become a VIP? Do you get a VIP Card?

    3. What is the set of items you receive with LV items...I hate the fact of inconsistency...For Example one day you will get a dust bag with a Damier Wallet...one day you don't...one day you get a box...one day you don't...etc...:sad: Does anyone know the perfect set of what you're meant to receive with the LV item? Dust bag...etc...

    4. The Damier Canvas...is the lines that make up the chessboard design...rub off slowly over time?

    :p Sorry about all that!!!

    and Thank you!!!

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  2. First and foremost, welcome to tPF!!!

    Perhaps try using the search feature above... these questions have been asked a few times in the past. ;)
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