4 or 6 prong??

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4 or 6 prong

  1. 4

    9 vote(s)
  2. 6

    14 vote(s)
  1. #1 Sep 16, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
    I normally love the look of 4 prong solitaires but recently I've been very fond of 6 prong. The only difference I've been told is that 6 prong is more secure from a 4.

    Can anyone offer me anymore info on why a 6 would be better?

    *For a round stone*
  2. For what shape stone?
    Typically, for me I prefer 4 prongs, more specifically 4 very delicate double claw prongs :lol:
    I prefer less metal.
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  3. Round!
  4. 4 is more modern and there is less metal showing so I prefer it.
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  5. My round is set in 4 double claws and my earrings are in 3 prong martinis. I definitely prefer seeing less metal!
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  6. My first ring setting (round diamond) was 4-prong in white gold. My upgrade setting (larger round diamond) is 6-prong Vatche in platinum. I love my 6-prong. I do not feel that the 6-prong setting has too much metal due to two extra prongs, as long as the prongs are not thick and are pointed.
    In terms of security, I feel that the extra prongs protects the girdle better than the 4-prong. There is almost no chance of the girdle touching any surface when resting the ring on a surface. Of course, the extra prongs also have less chance of losing the diamond when one prong breaks.
    In terms of appearance, I prefer the round shape of a 6-prong than the square shape of 4-prong. For some reasons, the outline of the extra prongs makes the diamond appear larger.
    Note that height of diamond is important. You do not want it to be too tall. Some people prefer it low. I prefer mid way, the way the Vatche setting is. You may also want the band to be proportionally thin with respect to diamond size, without losing construction integrity. The Vatche has the perfect thickness that I prefer. It is also very comfortable to wear.
    One caution is that if you diamond is big (and/or if the diamond sits too high), then the ring tends to spin, sometimes with the diamond resting inside your palm. Therefore, it is important to get the right size fit (very slightly loose). Pairing with a 2-mm band helps keep the diamond in place. This same band can also help protect the prong metal from adjacent diamonds.
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  7. I love my 6 prong. It’s classic. My favorite cut for a diamond is round & I want it to look round. I find 4 prongs often make the stone appear squarish... but I think 4 prong looks better on smaller diamonds than the 6 prong... so that comes into play as well. I had my moms engagement stone reset in an antique style 4 prong because that stone (.70 carats) was too small in my opinion for a 6 prong. My engagement ring is pictured below in a Mark Morrell 6 prong with tiny diamonds in the crown. You can get the prongs a lot thinner if you prefer... so many great settings out there! It was between this setting and a very delicate double claw 4 prong like Swanky mentioned when I was deciding, but ultimately I chose the 6 because that’s always been my fave. Good luck & have fun choosing!

    FBFF0771-2EE5-4E26-8493-5EA56456C332.jpeg D8C26E9F-E660-4B93-BC02-474F7F4A0D3E.jpeg
  8. For smaller round diamonds (about .90 ct or so), I prefer four delicate prongs. I feel on smaller diamonds, more than four prongs (even if they are delicate) take away from the diamond. For larger round diamonds, l prefer 6 delicate prongs for the added security and to prevent a square-ish appearance.
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  9. I think 6-prongs on big stone offers a bold look and secures the big stone more firmly.
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  10. it really depends on the craftsmanship, not the number of prongs, for how much metal a ring shows.

    Here's a 6-prong next to a 4-prong:

    The 6 prong is so dainty it nearly disappears, while the 4-prong, despite having less prongs, shows way more metal. It does make the ring appear bigger from a distance, albeit more square.

    From a distance, 6 prongs, what prongs? I just see a floating round stone. ;)

    6-prongs is more secure because in case one of the prongs bends or breaks, your stone won't drop out.

    I like both as long as the diamond is shiny. :biggrin:

    gosh I fell in love with Mark Morrell's work on first sight too! He made my e-ring for me, too (not pictured here), and he was so great to work with. He's such a great photographer too! Your ring is awesome, I do love Mark's signature little heart prongs. The 4-prong I have also has little hearts for prongs but it's nowhere near his level of fluid perfection.
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  11. Thank you! Mark was awesome & easy to work with. He had no problems with the tweaks I wanted to make on the setting. I’d love to see your MM ering!
  12. I prefer six prongs. I don’t know why, I just do.
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  13. My 6 prongs saved my diamond from falling out and losing it forever. I must have smacked my ring in the the right pace and when I looked at my ring, the diamond was sitting in the setting as crooked as heck, so I had it reset into a bezel. That is my experience, but I see that there are some very substantial 4 pron rings out there, too.
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  14. Sure, it's neither 4 or 6 prong, but rather a strange kind of bezel. I would love to see your ring irl, if we ever have the chance to meet. What kind of tweaks did you make, or is it the surprise diamonds?

    I asked for lily of the valley and he nailed it!


  15. I very much prefer less metal, as well. So four prongs were right for me.

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