4-or 6-key holder vs key pouch/cles vs other vernis SLG

Aug 18, 2010
hi everyone!

i just purchased my first vernis accessory this weekend (ZCP in pomme) and just love the color. i'm trying to decide on another pomme SLG(s). for those with vernis accessories, which of the key holders/pouches is most useful? are there any pros or cons? is there something other than a key holder that would be considered a 'must have' in vernis? i have mostly mono pieces that could stand to have a pop of color :P

thanks in advance for youre suggestions and opinions! i'm trying to rearrange and reprioritize my wish list to get ready for 2011 :biggrin:


Sep 26, 2007
Hi what about a vernis key/change holder in pomme this is nice and very handy or a 4 key holder this is great also have a look on the website and good luck.