4 new pairs! Splurge, Splurge, Splurge!!!

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  1. I love CLs, Manolos and CHOOs but since I have been splurging too much on purses, I did not have enough money to by shoes this year.......and all my other shoes from last year are getting so old, I was in desperate need of some nice black patent booties, etc......and I ordered some shoes on line from a site that my best friend orders her shoes from...and they arrived all today! I bought four pairs that can get me thorugh this winter! And they are so pretty and well made!

    I bought sparkly silver bow pumps for this party coming up, a patent blue jeweled pumps for the new blue dress I got last week, mary janes in pretty pewter color for work and black booties that I wanted foreversince this summer! (kinda looks like CLs......my DH thought they were CLs and almost yelled at me thinking I spent a lot!)..I love the leopard heels! and they are so comfy with platforms inside....! No more shopping for a while.......gotta save up for DH's Christmas gift!!!

    Here they are!:yahoo:
    my shoes!.JPG my shoes! 2.JPG my shoes! 3.JPG my shoes! 4.JPG my shoes! 5.JPG
  2. wow gorgeous
  3. Wow great finds! But I especially love the sparkly bow pumps! SO cute!!:p
  4. Cute shoes, nice botties, Where did you get those from?
  5. Thanks angelie and boslvuton...angelie..I love your picture...is that your pup? Sooooo cute!

    CRYLATER3, I got these from www.shoetique101.com
    They have such great shoes......Fun and pretty designs and well made!
  6. thanks for the link. They have some cute shoes.
  7. gorgeous shoes!! congrats!
  8. I love your mary janes! There's a bunch of cute shoes on the site that I like but I'm hesitant to buy such pricey items from an unheard of designer
  9. Oh I love the pewter mjs. I may need them. How do they run sizewise?
  10. Love the brown pumps and the leopard heel boots!!
  11. b00mbaka - I love their shoes....I think they have stores in San Diego and Europe and/or Asia or something...my best friend went to the San Diego one this summer while on vacation and said it was the prettiest shoe store ever.....wanted to make it her shoe closet! Quality wise...they are better than Charles David.....for sure....and they look like they are really good materials..........and comfy!

    Hubba Wubba - They are pretty true to size

    compulsivepurse - the booties are my favorite! I am wearing them today and got a lot of compliments already...
  12. These are great!! I am looking at the website right now. I think I might just order a few pairs!! :tup:

    I have my eye on the gold splashed pony hair pumps and sexy back pumps. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. cute shoes! especially love the blue one! congrats!
  14. oooooh I like your jeweled ballet flats!
  15. All beautiful! You're so lucky they all fit! I'm always scared it'll be too tight, too big, etc.