4 new bags...quick reveal...

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  1. I got all these beauties from Bonanzle. The sellers are amazing. Enjoy.

    Legacy Ali
  2. It's beautiful!!
  3. what a beautiful whiskey.
  4. Wow! So far so good! Show us the other three!!
  5. Legacy Whiskey Satchel

    Bleeker Whiskey Duffle


    Espresso Lindsay ~ $170 with free shipping
  6. WOW!!!! Such great stuff!
  7. Simply AWESOME !!!
    Great bags to score...♥
  8. Beautiful bags. Enjoy them all.
  9. Thank you guys. I never never get tired of legacy bags.
  10. Awesome!! That Expresso Lindsay is GORGE. Is it missing the hangtag?
  11. I didn't even notice it. Thanks for telling me. I'll call JAX, they maybe able to send me a hangtag.
  12. WOW!!
    That is a bunch of really georgous bags..congrats on your finds!! :smile:
  13. oh my gosh, that is so fantastic, congrats

    time for a happy dance!!!

  14. wow i was feeling a bit drunk until that caffeine pick me up!

    beautiful bags! congrats on your purchases
  15. Wow!!! They all look brand new too. :smile: Great finds.