4 month old checkup today!

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  1. Julia had her 4 month old checkup today; a few days early since the doctor was going on vacation and she wanted to get her in before she left on vacation for 3 weeks. The checkup went well overall. Julia got a few shots, and mommy cried right along with her :sad: She actually did very well and only cried and whimpered for about 5 minutes afterwards - but still...I hate shots, and I hate her getting them!

    The doctors visit was pretty routine. How's Julia doing? How are you doing?, etc. So, let's get to the stats!

    Height: 61cm (24 inches)
    Weight: 7463 grams (approx. 16.5 lbs) Big girl!! :biggrin:

    I had some concerns since Julia's been drooling like crazy lately, and her ped said that it seems to be that she's starting to get teeth! Eep! You can see one small little nub on her bottom gum in the middle, so it may not be too much longer until it pops out. She doesn't seem to be in pain, but she just drools like crazy!

    She seemed to react pretty well to her shots. She's not acting tired or like she's in pain. No fever either, thank goodness. We went to the park afterwards to have lunch and to walk around a bit. It's absolutely gorgeous today! Around 25*C and there's not a cloud in the sky. We laid out a blanket on the grass and she played while we ate some sandwiches that we brought with us.

    Okay, I'll conclude with some pictures that we took at the park this afternoon :smile:
    flowers.jpg shesfabulous.jpg modeling2.jpg
  2. she's such a cutie future fashionista in the making!
  3. ^ She has better clothes than I do! lol

    Sometimes I wish they made her clothes in big-people sizes :smile:
  4. She is so cute. Love the picture of her with sunnies! Adorable. Glad that she took the shots well. I would have cried right along with her as well....
  5. Aww! She's such a cutie pie!! How adorable!! UH HO for those teeth! LOL! I hate that stage! I'm glad that she is doing well!
  6. Lami!!! She is absolutely positively gorgeous!!!!!!
  7. Julia is Sofa King Cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures, she's adorable!
  8. I love her bracelet. Is that the one DH got for her?
  9. She is so cute! I can't believe she's already 4 months old.
  10. Yep! That's the one that Bart bought for Julia! I was afraid to put it on her before, since it was somewhat loose and I didn't want it to fall off or anything, but it fits fine now :smile:
  11. Me either!! 1/3 of a year :cry:
  12. Julia is so cute! I cried right along with my sons vaccinations this morning at his four month checkup.
  13. I cried more than she did!! lol :shame:
  14. She is so cute! Glad to hear she is doing well.
  15. She is so cute!! 16 pounds! She is a big girl! God bless her! That is wonderful news at the checkups. I know how you feel about shots. In fact, I thought I was being silly but at my son's first appt that he had shots they gave him 3 and the doctor gave a really bad shot! I mean it was so hard, and unsympathetic and SLOOOOOW!! Then as he cried so much,he simply talked over him (as if I could even hear a word he said because I was too busy trying to console him and zapped the doctor out) I went back to my old kid's doctor which is 45 minutes away and he had another round of 5 shots and it was a piece of cake! Im glad I did that. Its worth the ride. The doctor is so quick with the shots and he cried so much less for the 5 shots than he did with those 3 shots!
    Oh and Justin DROOLS so much too! Must be the 07 models! LOL.