4 little cuties - Reveal

  1. Hello dears, here is my first contribution to the new Tahitienne collection:

    My Bag Charm

    The cute Bandeau

    The Mini Pochette

    And the wonderful Silk Carré

    All together

    And a few more shots (sorry for the shirt, quick try after work)
    IMG_1491853363.484263.jpg IMG_1491853382.709311.jpg IMG_1491853395.289818.jpg IMG_1491853411.631258.jpg IMG_1491853427.394176.jpg
  2. IMG_1491853456.013487.jpg IMG_1491853481.890857.jpg IMG_1491853501.102270.jpg

    Still undecided if I should buy the Tahitienne NF to my NF DA:
    IMG_1491853544.408780.jpg IMG_1491853557.751470.jpg IMG_1491853574.997219.jpg

    I decided to get the stole, too, have to wait for it.

    Thank all of you for sharing my new items
  3. Everything looks so pretty on you. Enjoy all your new beauties!
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  4. All beauties (incl.the lady/model)! Enjoy! And NF looks great with bandeau and charm!
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  5. Congrats on these 4 cuties -- the scarf looks lovely on you.
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  6. congrats on all of these - I love to see your scarf modeling pics!
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  7. Congrats on your 4 goodies! They are all beauitful and great choices. My fav is the mini pochette and the scarf. If you're still thinking about the neverfull and love it, I reckon you should get it. You can always sell the other one if you want. But keep in mind this collection will not be around for long, and will be sold out very quick and you may regret it. In my country only a few pieces of each came in and have gone to clients on the wait list already, so nothing to view!
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  8. Wow, beautiful items! Congrats!
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  9. Congrats! I'm waiting to pick up the mini pochette. Is the 'made in' tag vachetta or pink leather?
  10. Great mod pics. I love everything! I may have to stalk your pics for awhile.
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  11. You'll love it! It's Vachetta...
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  12. Gorgeous!
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  13. you look amazing, thanks for modeling the scarf pics, you show us so many great ways to wear it!!
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  14. It's all sooooo beautiful!!
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  15. wow~!! Love everything~!! Congrats~!!
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