4 key holder .. Is it worth it??

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  1. Hi All

    So the other day you helped me decide on my first SLG from LV( 2 in the end)

    I ordered the key pouch in DE and mini pochette in monogram.

    Do I need the 4 key holder before the price increase??
  2. Personally, I don't care for this item. I love the Cles (key pouch) best. If you have an itch to get something before the price increase, how about a Cosmetic Pouch?
  3. I personally don't need it..... there are better SLG's IMO...
  4. if you already have the cles, i think you can skip out on the key holder. they serve the same purpose. on the other hand, i love my 6 key holder the best and sold off all 4 of my cles. i love the fact that my keys are store in, it prevent them from scratching up my SLGs or phone. there's also a back flap for my ID and couple of CCs. with that said, +1 on the cosmetic pouch.
  5. I have a 4 key holder and a cles! Love the key holder. It protects my keys from scratching my items in my bag. I have never used my cles. All my money and cards are kept in my wallet. So the cles is pretty useless for my needs!
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    I suggest getting the 6 key holder for the following reasons: You can fit your license, cards, and some cash in the slot behind, you will have room to close it if you have a larger car key or key fob while still fitting it in your pocket, and because of the previous reasons you can use it as a mini wallet when you just want to run errands or don't feel like carrying your purse.

    Hope that helps. Also, you may want to check out the key holder club house and see some reviews on YouTube.
  7. Yes, in my opinion. I use mine everyday (of course) and it serves an entirely different purpose to my clés. I love my LV key holders! Whether you need a 4- or 6-key depends on how many keys you have, obviously, as well as whether you want to be able to fit a credit card/ID and/or a car fob.
  8. +1

    I love my 4 key holder!
  9. i purchased a cles awhile ago to store my keys however when it arrived my keys didnt fit inside it. i tried down sizing the key ring(holding 6 keys) to something smaller and it worked however its kinda hard to zip up the cles..so now im thinking to purchase the 6 key holder
  10. +2!
  11. I have the 6...LVOE it! I grab mine throw in my license, aaa card, debit card and my work key fob and it's all I need on a quick lunch run. I love how the keys can just pop in and out. Makes it easier when the dealership picks up my car for service. I don't have to give them all my keys and it's so much easier than your regular keychain (hate taking keys off of those, lol!) And I do like that it protects my other LV slg's from being scratched by the keys.
  12. +1
    My 6 is my most used item and absolutely love it!
  13. do u guys have the regular 6 key holder or the round one
  14. I've carried a Poche Cles (old smaller one) for years but didn't like having my keys exposed, which can scratch other SLGs. So I recently got a 4-key holder and am really happy with this combination. I keep just my car remote fob on the Cles and then have the metal keys tucked away in the 4-key...no more scratches, and practical for me.
  15. im in the minority, i just purchased the cles yesterday and returned it, just didnt like key ring and how you have to pull snap it open lol my vote would be a cosmetic pouch as well.