4 Key Holder dumb question

  1. So I kind of want some accessory in Pomme. I already have an agenda, so thats out. I don't need a wallet. So I am thinking cles or 4 key holder. Anyone with 4 key holders, are they useful? Is it difficult to use your keys? This would also solve my problem of worrying that my keys are going to scratch up my agenda somehow if i throw them in my bag together. Thanks in advance for your help! :yes:
  2. LOL OK thanks for that thread, I'm sure it will convince me, as I'm already 70% convinced.
  3. i have the pomme 4 key holder and i adore it. use it every day and it's so handy. although i keep trying to open my office door with my house key. lol. i had it on my desk yesterday and my intern noticed it and fell in love. she kept saying how 'hot" it was. lol
  4. I have the cles in Pomme and I love it, but the 4-key holder is REALLY usefull! I have one in Damier and I love it! I think you would get more use out of the holder!!!
  5. Thanks! I was just wondering if it is awkward trying to use the keys, but apparently not! I think I will try to find one in Pomme! Or maybe Framboise...
  6. Love the 4 and 6-key holders! I have 3 of them!
  7. Hmmm.... maybe I should get one of these key holders? They seem really useful.
  8. wow, I think I need one as well.
  9. repeat after me...NEED KEY HOLDERRRR....NEEEED KEY HOLDERRR.... :p
  10. These do seem cute but I feel like my cles is a little more usefull...anyone else have a preference?
  11. The 4 key holders are great and won't scratch anything as long as you have single keys on them, not car keys with remotes. The 4 key holders close up nicely and are slim so I even put them in my pochettes.
  12. I have a 4 Key Holder in Pomme and Indigo. I love them!! I only carry 3 keys with me believe it or not, but still, my car key is FAT and it fits fine. I couldn't do without it! Here's a pic:

  13. I want a 4 key too, but I valet my car a lot for work. I don't want to hand over my vernis to car parkers who might ruin it! (is that mean?) And what a pain to have to remove your car key all the time! Is there an easier way? Anyone with experience using vernis 4 key?