4" heels?

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  1. Dont worry, I'm not buying any (I'm nearly positive I would kill myself). Its just that I saw a really cute, cheap pair on Zappos.com and I just wanted to ask, what you guys think - 4" heels? Too much? Do you have any? Is it easy to pull off?

    I just recently got into heels so I'm not going to stand before crawling (I'm going to start myself off with some 3" ones). Also, sorry I've been making so many shoe threads lately, lol. I'm going shoe crazy because I want some new heels really bad but havent quite got the money and at the same time I'm indecisive.
  2. They're not too bad if you're used to heels.
  3. I have 4" heels, mostly from Zanotti and Louboutin. I love them, though I must be very careful when I wear them because I am super extra clumsy. My fav pair is from Zanotti and it has a fishbone on the front. I can put them on with a little black dress and look sexier than I could ever believe. I have ok legs, but when I put on those shoes, you can't tell me that I am not Naiomi Campbell. The height is tricky, but not impossible. It just makes your legs look extra toned. So, while I do not advocate wearing these daily (I pretty much wear Jimmy Choo gold flats everyday), they are great for a night out.
  4. If the shoe is constructed well, 4" heels are easy. Its the angle of the arch that gets me. I went to wearing no heels to 3.5"- 4" and I havent killed myself yet lol. But due to an old ankle injury I avoid stilettos.
  5. for me it isn't the heel height so much, but if they are sandles verses pumps or stilleto verses wedges. I can wear really hig heeled sandles and wedges, but not pumps!
  6. 4" heels... I love them! hahaha... Given the fact that I'm not that tall (5'4") I normally wear heels and I have several (esp. my Choos... ;)) Unless you're going to do some serious walking I'd say that they're not too bad to get used to.
  7. 4 inch heels i can do. and like nawth21 says, it depends on the arch also. I cannot do 4in heels in pumps. my toes would be cramp to the max and that would be a no no. stillettos are ok, but not for daily walking, but more for a night out. 4in wedges are easy. and if they are chunky heels, even easier... but I dont wear chunky heels though. hehe
  8. I don't think 4" is a big deal, especially if you have larger feet. After a couple minutes of practice you'll be fine!
  9. I love heels! I even wear 5" heels-- totally elongates the legs! I can only wear them now and then though... after a while, there is pain in the ankles, toes, knees, back hahaha.. but boy they look great! Wedges and platforms work the best for me in high heels. But something about stilettos are just so sexy to me. It's all about practice!
  10. While I can walk in 4" heels... it would make me 6'2 and that is a no no in my opinion. I would just feel like the Jolly Green Giant. But I think heels are so hot
  11. I am not coordinated enough to walk in 4 inch heels any fault in the pavement and I am grabbing for my husband to hold me up. It makes me feel as if I am in ballet class in a constant state of releve.
  12. Megs, I'd be over 6 feet also... heels that huge are a no-no for me, I can't walk in them, they are uncomfortable and I'm not even fond of the look of such a high heel. I have a pair of BCBG's that high and I feel very burlesque in them. lol
  13. I'm not so great at walking in heels, but I've found that buying those padding inserts for the ball of my foot really helps. And they do look hot.
  14. I can't do heels quite that high -- as mentioned in the other thread, I'd fall down! I do think it makes a difference what KIND of heel you get -- skinny wedges are harder to walk in than big block heels. As are stilletos.
  15. funny that i just tried out my new steve madden Lalos....those are 4 inches with a 1 inch platform. my feet aren't super happy but they're ok. toes are fine...ankles just a little tired, hehe!