$4 Goodwill reveal! Quick


Apr 1, 2009
in a New York state of mind
There was an ivory and tan court style bag there too (made in NYC) for $4. It was kinda rough, I was afraid of the ivory leather. maybe I should grab it if I go back. I didnt really care for it though so I figured I should let someone else find her!

I didn't use Apple but I used Leather CPR and it worked pretty well. The few spots that are worn would need dye I think. I might just use some shoe polish (gasp!) as the spots are small.


Will Work for Coach!
May 3, 2007
the classroom
Here she is! Style #9033. I have NO IDEA what she is called. Large black hobo is all that I find on Ebay. Anyone know what it is???? It is a larger bag. About 12"X12"X3". Very nice to carry and stays on my shoulder well. She was in decent shape excpet for some wear on the handle that I covered with the scarf. Not bad for $4!!!! :biggrin:
Next time you are at a Coach store, give them the style number and they can look it up.