4 dreaded words for every bag lover hates to hear

  1. How many times has this happened to you? You had your eye on a bag or are purchasing a bag, it's the bag you've wanted for a while; you've saved up your money to be able to have your dream bag. Then one of your friends or family members utters the 4 dreaded words which burns every bag lovers' ears...

  2. Too many....and I ignore it every time.:smile: I figure the person who said it just does not get it.
  3. My dreaded words are... "It looks like a garbage bag." My boyfriend said that when I showed him a photo of a black Balenciaga City! :upsidedown:
  4. I get that with other stuff (not bags... yet) like... "It's just a video game!" and "It's just a camera!"

    Oooh, that camera one BURNS me. It's not just a camera, it's my Canon EOS 20D!

    When anyone pulls the "It's just a ____" line on me, I take their favorite thing and go "Well, that's just a car." Then it's their turn to get mad.
  5. my mom and dad have said this to me about me wanting a louis vuitton. it annoys me because they give me this little speach about how its not worth it, when really they are a really good investment. it is really irritating!
  6. Reply "it's just your opinion" in the same tone. I find that usually shuts people up.
  7. I hate hearing, " don't you have enough purses". A woman can never have to many purses, to much money, or to many men! lol
  8. or: "How much did that cost?!"

    non of your business hunny, go back to sleep... :rolleyes:
  9. It was expecting the words to be "its out of stock!" Now those are some bad words!!!
  10. LOL, agree!

    Or worse, "it's been discontinued"..now that is a real shocker if you've been waiting and saving forever...
  11. Not the dreaded "discontinued" line!! *shudder* That's just a dirty word!
  12. Ha ha....or "THIS CARD IS DECLINED".
  13. I hate hearing.....
    Oh geese another purse!
  14. That's the worst line of all!
  15. "It's no longer available" breaks my heart!