4 diamonds love bracelet.. WG or RG? Please help!

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  1. Hi guys

    I really want to have a 4 diamonds love bracelet. But I'm confused between having the white gold or a rose gold one.

    I already have the plain RG bracelet, and the YG cuff with one diamond as well as a plain RG juste un clou.

    Rose gold is my favorite color at least goes perfectly on my skin tone. But I want to have a white gold bracelet to mix with what I have.

    Should I buy the 4 diamonds white gold bracelet? And spend all that amount of money on a color that I really don't like much? Or I add another 4 diamonds rose gold bracelet?

    Please help me decide
  2. I would get the WG, it would look great with your stack
  3. I would get the RG if I were you. You prefer RG more and you said it looks better on you. Plus, you don't have a 4 diamond RG yet, so it will be something different.
  4. Thanks guys ❤️❤️
    I will go to the boutique and try both colors on again
    I will post a picture of my new bracelet soon
  5. See the bolded part. Seems you already know your answer :graucho:.
    I think WG would look great with your stack. RG is fabulous too of course, but since you already have a few RG bracelets, WG would be a nice add to your collection.
    Have fun at the boutique and can't wait to see what you decide :smile:!
  6. Rose gold with the diamonds and then trade your plain RG love for a WG one for stacking
  7. I vote for WG, I think it'll look great with your RG.
  8. I'm in a similar dilemma, I want to add a second love, I have the rose gold with diamonds and not sure wether to add the white gold with diamonds or another rose gold. I have a few white and yellow gold pieces in my collection but I have grown to love rose gold on my skin tone more and more the last few years.
    So I'm leaning to the rose gold with diamonds.
    BTW ur stack sounds fabulous!
  9. I will definitely show you guys what I will get ;)
  10. GOOD IDEA !!!!
  11. Since you already have few pieces in WG, just go for RG love :heart: it is the best in my opinion :smile:
  12. Finally !! My 4 diamonds love in RG is here !! I am soooo happy !!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467069985.623129.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467069998.691666.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467070016.440772.jpg
    Vvicky likes this.
  13. Great decision! Congrats! ☺️
  14. Thank you Jadewah [emoji179]
  15. Congratulations one more time!!!
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