4 Days only sale at NM ??????

  1. Hello everyone
    I was looking through some of my NM bookmarks and one a few of them they have a sale price that says FOUR DAYS ONLY, and the prices are amazing. Did this already pass, coming up? Bags are unavailable now, of course! Here's what I mean:


    So I checked the NM website and sure enough, all their sale bags now have four days only prices, check them out, few good deals!
  2. Oooh! Price adjustments all around for those who already bought.

    That jade Edith is maddeningly cheap and infuriatingly still unavailable!
  3. Interesting. I've been looking at a pair of wedges and this sale price is actually higher than it was a week ago!
  4. when does it end? they have the louboutins i want but i dont get paid until tues!!
  5. louisgirlxoxo, The 4 day prices are through Thursday
  6. so the price will jump back to the higher one after 4 days? does this mean their final cut?? but didn't see any in-store ad for final cut at all.
  7. I have no idea if this is the final cut, I don't think so, it might just be some promotion. When you go to the Neiman Marcus sale section it just says 4-day only sale prices through thursday.
  8. wow some amazing deals
  9. Some of the items have prices that are actually higher than they were before the 4 days sale...
  10. Thankfully, nothing that I just have to have...but of course I'll keep watching.
  11. definitely look for things already ordered, b/c you can get price adjustments...which i did and saved a bundle!
  12. Thanks for posting this! I just saved $65 in a price adjustment.
  13. They price adjusted everything I bought in the last 10 days (which was a lot LOL), and I got $500 back!
  14. I just called - getting over $1000 back!!!!

    Prada fring hobo jumped down over $200. as did a couple other things I ordered.

    Now does that mean I can order more?????
  15. Cheryl, that's what I just did. Although, I was nice and bought a Burberry shirt for my dad. LOL