4 Days No Payment-should I worry

  1. Someone won a LV Bag from on a Best Offer Auction. I accepted withing 24 hours and sent an invoice and an email regarding payment. I have not heard a word from the buyer. Today I sent another email and still have heard nothing. I requested the buyers contact info but the cell number is now someone elses.
    I am concerned as all there feedback says prompt payment. I am wondering if they changed there mind and are just ignoring me hoping I will forget about it.
    Is it too soon to worry? If they aren't going to pay I really want to relist the item but I can't send them a warning via eBay for 7 days...
    Think I'll get paid...
  2. I say no worries. Once you get experiance with eBay you will realize that a lot of people don't pay, but it's just eBusiness for you. If you file a non-paying bidder claim with eBay after 7 days eBay will send the buyer a reminder that usually motivates buyers to pay out of fear of getting negative feedback and if the buyer doesnt pay you will have your listing fees refunded. Also I don't think 4 days is that bad actually as thats probubly the avrage payment time for most buyers on eBay. Make sure you eMail buyer many times. If after 7-10 days relist the purse and if the buyer decides to buy then just take the listing down.
  3. Wait a bit more then file NPB after it reaches 7 days. They usually respond after that
  4. Do you've payment policy? Agree w above, wait for 7 days then send her payment reminder or file NPB to eBay
  5. Wait it out, don't worry until your 7 days is up. Many buyers, even those with great feedback, wait to pay. She may have been away for the weekend, or is waiting until the end of the month (maybe for payday). You should be OK.
  6. No point in worrying..they might pay..they might not. You really can't do anything until day 7 anyway.

    In the meantime I would file iwith eBay to let them know that your buyer has an nvalid contact phone number. Sometimes you need to call.
  7. wait 7 days, then file a claim.
  8. I got an email from my buyer today. She claims her daughter bid on my item using her account and neither one of them can afford the item. She claims she didn't get back to me sooner as she had surgery and wasn't checking mail. She claims that she has told her daughter how serious this is and that it is important she not do it again...and she hoped I understand.
  9. Do you KNOW how old this is? And why is always a "daughter" and never a "son"? :roflmfao:
    BS. She flaked and had buyers remorse. You know, sometimes I've gone "oh crap - I PROBABLY shouldn't have done that this month..." but I would NEVER EVER flake on a contract like that.

    It sucks....it's not like she was mean....so negative feedback is so retalilatory, so maybe "neutral" feedback or better yet, no feedback. Maybe someone disagrees? :confused1:

    In any case, protect yourself from her "future mistakes" and put her on your 'block bidder' list....:okay:
  10. File a NPB. If she doesn't respond, you can safely neg her without her being able to neg you back. If she does neg you after not responding to the NPB, it doesn't count toward your score. However, if she does respond to the NPB, she can neg you too. But at least you can get your listing fees back if you file w/eBay.
  11. Yeah, do that. It takes a week before you can do it and then another one to complete but it's worth it.