4 bags, which to keep? please help!

  1. I bought them all (well, one more to come) for the pre-price increase prices. However, I can't keep them ALL. I'm probably only going to keep 1~3, so please help me choose!

    White GST w/Gold Hardware
    This is soooo beautiful, but I think it's too heavy for me. I'm looking for bags I can carry shopping or to hang out with friends. I think it's a bit too big for that, but I'm really tempted to use it as a daily school bag since it fits my books! Oh, and I LOVE white.

    Black Caviar Jumbo w/Gold Hardware
    This is also very beautiful and it really adds spice to my outfit! I actually don't own ANY black bags. (I'm also an LV fan, so lots of colors and browns!) I like that it's roomy and big! It looks so elegant and classy, and look AWESOME against an overall black outfit. However, it's a bit big for when I just want to go out with the basics, like keys, wallet, phone.

    White Caviar Jumbo w/Gold Hardware
    OMG! I just ordered this from NM thanks to Savannah! I looove white and had initially wanted a white Jumbo with gold hardware (I prefer gold over silver) but couldn't find it at the boutique. The Chanel boutique at Beverly Hills told me they don't have them yet and that they'll be out in the SUMMER. What liars! I think this is a keeper, but I also love that Black Jumbo...they are both totally different bags and go with different outfits. Oh, and please note that I haven't seen this bag in real life yet!

    White Caviar M/L Classic Flap
    Can you tell that I love white yet? Hehe. I looove this because this is ideal for when I want to travel light. Sometimes I just don't want to even FEEL, let alone hold the bag against me and this is such a breeze to carry! Downside is that, no, it doesn't fit very much, especially since my wallet is big (LV French Purse). It only fits my wallet, keys, phone. But then again, I don't really carry much on my "heavy" days -- I would just add a small makeup pouch, sunglasses case, and not much else.

    So PLEASE help! Feel free to suggest combinations and also exchanges for colors! For example, I'm considering getting the Black M/L Flap instead of the White so I can keep the White Jumbo, etc.

    THANK YOU for understanding my silly dilemma! :heart:
  2. Oh Peach, I wish I could help you, they are all so wonderful and for all the various reasons you listed and more. I am just going to drool and wish you the best in deciding!!!:drool:
  3. I'd get rid of the white m/l flap and keep the rest if possible.
  4. definitely both caviar jumbos,blk and white.with g/h :nuts:and another colour for the med/large like beige/red or a med/large in blk :smile:lambskin for more dressy occ!
  5. How easy, keep both jumbo!
  6. i would get the m/l in black. i have a jumbo with silver h/w and a black med/lg with gold h/w. i think with the white, for me atleast, i won't carry it all year round. i would get more use out of the black. also, since the med/lg can be your day to night bag i feel black is dressier. you could do lambskin. this is what i was debating but in the end chose caviar leather as i was afraid of taking a chance. og all the bags i would return the gst. for me, i like that bag in black. i had it but had to return it as it kept falling off my shoulder.
  7. Oh gosh i wish you can keep them all!! i love whites too!!
  8. I would keep the white M/L and the black jumbo, I think that would give you two diverse bags and suite many needs. The M/L flap is the most classic IMO, I hope to own one when a color I love comes out...
  9. I have M/L white flap and I love loVE LOVE it! I would keep that and blk jumbo.
  10. oohhh white jumbo w/ gold hardware? INTRIGUING! do you mind posting pics of that one pleasee?

    I would change the black jumbo for black jumbo w/ SILVER HW (jumbo IMO is meant for casual occassions, and the gold makes it a tad too dressy)

    My votes are for the two jumbos. I'm not a huge fan of the GST, although if I were to get it, it'd be in black for sure!
  11. I would keep the 2 jumbos as well! I found the GST to be a bit heavy for my taste and the medium flap to be too small. I love big bags!
  12. Black Caviar Jumbo with Gold Hardware! You can't go wrong with that bag and you may want to put more stuff in.
  13. Black Jumbo
    White M/L Classic Flap
  14. Definitely the black jumbo, and you know which white I would pick!! :p:love:
  15. I'll post lots of photos of the white/gold Jumbo! I'm so excited to receive it! I held out on buying the white Jumbo with silver hardware because I'm not such a fan of silver h/w -- I feel like gold matches me more.

    I agree with you that the Black Jumbo w/gold hardware is a bit too dressy! This is why I took returned it in the first place, but I REBOUGHT it because it's BEAUTIFUL. I would buy it in silver hardware, but I feel like it just doesn't stand out as much and doesn't have that WOW factor that the black/gold does. BUT -- yeah, I found it a bit hard to match with my clothes because it is dressy. Maybe a M/L black with gold...?

    I think I'm leaning more and more towards returning the GST because it doesn't feel PRACTICAL. But I just LOVE white/gold combo...

    Keep the suggestions coming! Thank you all SO much! Your input REALLY helps me because I adore ALL of those bags and would keep them all if I could!