4 bags in three days. I am out of control.

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  1. [FONT=&quot]This week I purchased from ebay a brand new denim baggy GM in pink, mint condition MC speedy in black, cerises speedy 25 and a brand new never used MC Ursula. Also about 2 or so weeks ago I purchased an Azur Saleya MM.

    I am so busted; I can't believe how much money I spent in just a couple of days. I swear I can't seem to be satisfied with what I got. Anyone else with this problem? How can I feel satisfied, its like I have a sickness for LV, help.

    As soon as my items arrive, I will post pics.
  2. ----wow!!!!!!---- that is a lot.
    ummmm- no advice at the moment- but hope u r happy!
  3. WOW! Congrats!
  4. I'll join your insanity club becauase I got three bags in about 2 days myself. I got the Roxbury in Pomme, the Black MC Audra, and the Trunks and Bags Pochette. May was esp. bad for me since I also got a Pomme French Purse and Bubble Earrings.

    Yee hah!

    Enjoy them!!!
  5. At least each bag that you bought is very different from the next. Take the time to enjoy all of your new bags once they arrive. You did some major damage! LOL!
  6. ahhhh i know the insanity.....i've felt it too but thank goodness it's slowly waning now. all your purchases are great buys and i can't wait to see them. don't worry, we've all been there. this year is especially crazy for some reason....must be all the things LV is pumping out!
  7. I'm never satisfied myself but I havent bought 4 bags in 3 days! Most i've had is 2 in one month. Any how, congrats!! I hope you enjoy them all!
  8. DAMM woman put down the credit card and step away from the PC!!

    No seriously enjoy them there'll be times when you buy a ton and other where you buy nothing it'll even out eventually
  9. Congrats!!

    I bought the BH, Mini Lin Speedy, Zippy Wallet and LVOE charm in 2 days. The week before I bought the regular Lockit.
  10. Yay! congrats!!!
  11. I've got the same thing.. love to receive parcels.
  12. First, congrats for your new bags!
    Second, I have a similar problem...

    I think I can keep my shopping bug under control as long as I don't buy the first item... But when I start, I cannot stop it. I regret that sometimes for a while... But fortunately, I have those shopping sprees only once or twice a year.

    As long as you can afford them, it's ok.:yes:
  13. so where are the pics :graucho:
  14. :nuts: Congrats!
  15. What a great haul. congrats! I know what you mean...I am always truly happy with any item I get but as soon as I have it I start drafting a new list. It's sickening, I know, but I think many of us feel that way. I really do use anything I get, but there is always this nagging feeling that I want to get the next thing on my list.
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