4 bags in 4 weeks!!! Addictive to Prada now *lol*

  1. I sold some of my LV bags to get my hands on my new addiction...Love all 4 :love: :yahoo:
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG
  2. Beautiful Bags & great choices!:tup: I see nothing wrong with 4 bags in 4 weeks...:confused1:
    Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Oh my gosh...............me too!! :nuts: I started with Miu Miu (which I still love the coffers) but have now progressed to Prada!! I bought a bunch in a very short time too!! It's like they are super addicting!! :p Congrats on your new bags, they are TDF!! :drool:
  4. congrats!!! its a nice collection!!!
  5. Thanks alot :smile:) -

    Miu2 ...I've had a Coffer too ;)

    Picture 5 should have been this one ...
    pic 5.JPG
  6. Nothing wrong w/ a Prada addiction!!! :graucho:

    I just love the black tote! Do the dangley things detach?

    I have a similar style to your degrade bag! Isn't it just divine?! :love:
  7. Your purses are TDF!!! Congrats on your splurge!! I wish I can do that...haha
  8. Yes the dangley thing do detach...like a luggage tag :smile:
    The degrade bag is so roomy...just love it ...yes it's devine :love:
  9. Thanks alot tulip :smile:
  10. I love all 4. I especially love the gradient bag since I just bought one too!
  11. Wow, all great looking bags love that last simple looking tote.
  12. congrats!!
  13. Wow! Great job! They're all stunning.
  14. congratulations. i did sell my LV bags to support my new addition b4.. :yes:
    what's the size of the one on the last pic? i saw one in baby pink during sale at $600 only, wanna grab it but there's some dirt on the leather which cannot be removed..
  15. LOVE them all!!!!! Congrats!!!