4 bags in 4 days.

Hi Ladies,
I can't believe it. I was away from tpf for about two years. Away from BE. Then...in the space of 4 days...I've bought four bags. Que pasa?
I better disappear again...ha ha ha

1. I ordered my first BEC Stroke Me in tan bubble chevre. That started it. This is the "old" BE bag that I truly adore.
2. Then, I glanced at the sale, and a Madrid in Vermillion Chevre seemed divine and the right price. The vermillion called my name. It is the most mysterious, luminous color!
3. Then I realized I liked the Milan. A "ladies" retro chic, structured (but soft) boxy bag.
4. Then I realized I must have an L.A. Satchel! From looking a modeling pix on tpf, I realized it is the bag I've always wanted, but better. I have always loved the LV Black Epi Speedy. But I hate the handles. So this has that classic shape, but the handles can go over the shoulder, and there is a shoulder strap.

Maybe I should disappear again for awhile...:biggrin: I will def post reviews and modeling pix.
^^^^And the thing is tonij2000 -- I am not like this! I never buy impulsively or in quantity. And...I guess my handbag wardrobe needed updating...A good black satchel has always been on my list...so it felt right.

The Milan look came in a year or so ago, a tailored look as a respite from all the huge handbags. It carries a decent amount without being overburdened.

We'll see! Lots of fun.


Massaccesi Little Muse (acid green nappa)
Mar 30, 2006
Palm Coast, Florida
See TG what happens when you stay away for too long!!! That is why I stay around cos I do not want to stay away and then come back and buy a bunch of bags not good for my wallet!!!!!
TG, what colour did you get? Was there a black one on the site - I only saw red and ponyskin.
In the Milan satchel, I got a one off that was lying around: Nougat. It is a printed leather -- I think it was available as an ipad and iphone cover. I'm surprised no one on tpf has ordered a Milan. I guess it is an in between size -- it's not the tiny Madrid, nor is it a big bag. But it looks like a great day bag for when I want something more tailored. I do get tired of carrying around the kitchen sink. It would work with carrying a tote too: the handbag and the tote look.

In the L.A. Satchel I ordered it in: Black Velvet Matte. I have no idea when I'll see any of these bags, because as you know, I live in Mexico, and the bags are sent to the U.S., waiting for me to make a trip up there...


May 19, 2009
Along the Thames
I think the Milan was a victim of the staggered launch of styles. It appeared way after the Paris clutch and the Madrid. It was featured in the Grazia magazine but then didn't appear on the site for purchase until months later...I think people forgot about it. Hopefully when BE reintroduces the line sheets in mid-December for the new collection, there won't be styles that fall between the cracks.
I look forward to modeling my new bags when they arrive. I'll write a good review of the Milan. I'm really excited about the Nougat, because it is so difficult to understand what the color really is. I've seen two different photos of it, and in one it looked tan, and in another it looked like putty...so we shall see. I do know it will be a great neutral. I wear lots of black, grey, white, and navy.


Mar 29, 2007
So glad to have you back--you certainly returned in style! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on all your new goodies.


Aug 14, 2006
I can't wait to read your Milan review. I am really interested in that style, but have held off buying because it wasn't available in a color I wanted. The red was beautiful, just too ladylike for me.
^^^Interesting that you use the word ladylike for the Milan. I think if it is worn with "ladylike" clothing, it would look like that. But if worn with separates and jeans, it could look edgy. It is ladylike in that it is the most Chanel looking of all the BE bags. The rectangle, the chain, the boxiness of it. But I think it is retro and cool -- and it will work with my clothes because I am def not a girly girl.

One thing I am concerned about it getting in and out of it with the tab closings. I asked Jackie about it, and she said it wasn't hard to get in, but just that you do have to devote yourself to open and close the bag. We'll see. J. Crew also put out a rectangle bag this past fall that was a big hit.