4 Bag Kooba and IF Lot on Ebay. Wow!

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  1. wow thats quite a lot of koobas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wow,
    I am interested in the clutches!!
    Too bad no shipping to Canada...
  3. I saw that too Lexie. I like the clutches but that woven one is just too heavy, I held one in a boutique and almost fell down by the weight.

    Besides, I like to ~feel~ the leather. My fingers would get caught in the weave. *chuckling

    It will be interesting to see how much it all goes for.
  4. Nice collection!!!!
  5. Nice collection, but decent bags like that should be displayed better to get maximum bids.
    Displaying bags on bed sheets and drawers makes them looked 'used' and scabby, if you see what I mean, even though they are actually new.
  6. Yep, I think if each bag was displayed very nicely in good lighting and a nice atmosphere, it would lend to big bucks. I think someone is going to get a steal. What do you think she could get is sold individually? I'd say:
    IF: 200+
    Hayden: 150
    Mackenzie 150
    Braeden: 175-200

    So maybe 700 plus dollars???