4% back on ebates for eLux purchases!!!

  1. Has anyone else notice the percentage change from 3% to 4% back on eLux purchases thru ebates :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Oh~ maybe I'll get an agenda....LOL:wtf:
  3. That is great news!! Thanks for sharing!! :yahoo:
  4. woo hoo. Thanks!
  5. i'm jealous of you who live in none elux tax states. no tax + 4% back + occational free shipping? you gotta love it!!
  6. YES!!! a friend of mine purchased off elux and she corrected me when I said 3% rebate from ebates...she's like "no 4%" I was like "NO 3%" haha

    She was right! how exciting. I'm ordering the mezzo next week so hopefully it stays at 4%!!!!! I'll get $40 back AND save $80 on NY tax. CANNOT BEAT IT!!!!
  7. i'm so jealous of you ppl who can order of eluxury!... no tax and ebates and occasional free shipping sound amazing!
  8. uh oh.. now I'm thinking about the Cles again..
  9. That's excellent news!!
  10. Oh poop, I just ordered something this week and only got 3, I must have just missed it......I got something last month too, but at least I got free shipping then!
  11. Yes!!!! Now I'm definitely getting something on the next free shipping code they releaase!
  12. wohoo on one part

    but ohh noo this could get expensive i'm gonna have purse :party:
  13. how does ebates work???
  14. Darnit. Why have I never signed up for ebates. :smash:

    How does it work anyway
  15. You sign up for free on ebates. Then each time you purchase thru eLUX just log on thru ebates and you'll get 4% back on your purchases (minus any taxes and S&H chrgs). This rebate comes to you via check at a future date:yahoo: :yahoo: Check out their site, it explains it all :yes: :yes: