4 and 6 Keyholders

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  1. I've been thinking about getting one of these just because my clunky keys don't fit into my 2.55's and they scratch up the interior.

    However, I have way more than 6 keys!... who only has 4 or 6? I guess people with butlers to open their doors and drivers to drive their cars!

    Anyone have one, and are they pretty useful?
  2. You could try making an extra set of only the essential keys. I'm guessing if you're going somewhere with a 2.55, you don't need all the keys you own. Just the car keys, house key, garage key, etc. Then you could bring that keyholder of 6 when you're going out for dinner, but grab the full set when you're running errands or whatever. =)
  3. Good point, Raspberry. I guess I'm just paranoid and want to keep my keys with me in case my folks get locked out at home or something. I dunno! I probably don't need 2 car keys all the time!
  4. I've been contemplating buying an epi key holder.. but I only have about 4 keys I really use, so the amount won't be a problem for me :P

    IntlSet, what are all those keys for?? :biggrin:
  5. When I sat down and really thought about it, there were only 8 keys I used almost every day. On some of the hooks I have 2 keys. But the rest are safe at home on their own keyring.
  6. hehe! Maybe I'm a janitor?
  7. i definately have enough keys to be a janitor.
  8. I have the same issue about scratching up the interior of my purses. I have a four key holder, plus an extra stranded key that I need to open the gate to my parking garage. It works, but gets annoying-- but it's a small price to pay to maintain our bags :smile:

  9. :lol: I would like to get one as well but I don't think I can use it for my car keys because it has a remote. Thank goodness I only have a total of 6 keys :biggrin:
  10. Yeah, what to do with the car remote?? Maybe ditch it? I never lock my car anyway and I guess if I do I can always approach it with an actual key rather than remotely open it from 10 yards away!

    I need to do something with my keys, though. I was just warning Helen against putting them in a 2.55 because the leather gets all scratched up.
  11. I Have The Mono Six Key....I'm Terrible, I Hang Everything Out Of It (Car Remote, Big Car Keys)...& I Have A Few Key Chains In It...I've Had It Since The 80's? With All I Do To It, It's Still Lovely.......But, For Going Out &/Or Smaller, Maybe A More Precious Bag....I Only Take A Copy Of House & Car.
  12. i ahve a total of 4 keys.. 1 car, 3 house. i bought a gucci key holder and their standard is 6, so i put the 3 house and the rest i use my store cards (albertsons, ralphs, petco, petsmart, and american eagle) haha.

    my car key is on the panda cles/extender. it deserves to be used by itself. hehe.
  13. i dont have one but they seem alright.

  14. i have a 6 key monogram canvas key holder. I was able to fit 4 keys and my remote for my car. I highly recommend it, especially if you want to protect your precious bags and prevent your keys from scratching your purses.
  15. I have the red epi 6 key and it really fits EVERYTHING! My car remote fits inside, along w/my 6 other keys and I can snap it closed w/out it looking funky.